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Marking the Unvaccinated As they Marked Jews in the 1930s

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History indeed repeats. In Europe, they demand that the “unvaccinated” wear masks to identify themselves, just as the Jews were forced to wear yellow stars to identify themselves in society. Interestingly, there were Jews in Germany who saw the threats and set sail for America. I was told many years ago that other Jews thought they were crazy. To put it in today’s terminology, they were conspiracy theorists. The lies about everything to create this lockdown to crush the economy so they can Build Back Better are gradually surfacing. Hopefully, the majority will wake up and see that they have been played for the fool. The conspiracy theorists of the 1930s in Germany were correct. Little by little, the “conspiracy theorists” today will also be correct.

Yet, the vaccinated are now still vulnerable to getting and spreading COVID-19. When will the lie be exposed? How much longer? The computer shows the collapse in public confidence, which is becoming obvious. They should have listened to Lincoln who said it is “better to remain silent and be thought a fool” than to speak and to remove all doubt. World leaders have spoken and are clearly fools if they actually believed COVID could be eradicated with lockdowns and vaccines.

The collapse in confidence in government also means that you then do not buy their debt at artificially low interest rates. That means the financial system is unsustainable, which is why they are pushing digital currencies to enforce all taxes. At some point, even the fool who they see as the public awakens.

As one reader wrote:


Despite many believing the government line about the sponsored “vaccines”, could it be it is the vaccine that proves to be their undoing? Yes, Big Tech is suppressing any negative reports but still leaks are happening calling into question the safety of these experimental treatments. If all these variants of covid now spreading to those already vaccinated show they, too, are vulnerable, it seems at some point even the “faithful” lose heart. When added to those who have rejected these experiments, it lines up with the notion the vaccines will ultimately be rejected down the road. Countries like India, which has relief on ivermectin and hydroxychloroquin, with great success, also work to undermine the “party line”. Western leaders have gone “all in” on vaccines, using the Green pass, requiring vaccines as the key discriminator to reentry into society. What happens when this breaks down? Not if, but when?
If the perception is the vaccine campaign was one big scam, then this will be the primary cause of the Great Reset. Forcing those to get the vaccine, when the vaccine itself is dubious, shows the vaccine is their weapon, which is now malfunctioning. I think these experimental vaccines are one of two bad reports away from triggering revulsion…that will be seen as the key turning point in this fake virus scare campaign.