Biden Grants Right to Vote for Criminals in Prison & on Probation

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Biden has granted the right to vote to criminals in prison or on probation. First of all, I believe it was unconstitutional to deny people the right to vote on the pretense of violating some law that is never fairly administered. Just look at New York. They never prosecute any banker because the bank pays huge fines they would never get from individuals. Justice is always about corruption in New York.




The most interesting aspect of the delusional state of the Democrats is that they believed that by allowing criminals to vote they would vote for them. Interestingly, it has been the Democrats who have imprisoned people for the longest period of time in history. It was Bill Clinton who passed the sweeping Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, which provided funding for tens of thousands of community police officers and drug courts, banned certain assault weapons and mandated life sentences for criminals convicted of a violent felony after two or more prior convictions, including drug crimes. It was Joe Biden who pushed for longer sentences. Of course, perhaps Biden does not remember he was the one who orchestrated the higher sentences. So now, after imprisoning them for life dealing in marijuana only, he thinks letting them vote and they will cheer the Democrats.

The mandated life sentences were known as the “three-strikes” provision. The definition of a “violent” crime meant simply having a weapon, there was no requirement to use it. Then the definition was expanded to ammunition. I knew a Vietnam Vet who was imprisoned for a “violent crime” because he had an empty shell he wore on a necklace from Vietnam. The judge held he could fill the holes and reload it to make it usable. He was sentenced to 5 years for that.

Trump was very popular among those in prison for he was the first president to reduce time. The Democrats may be operating under false assumptions.