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Where to Go?

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Hi Martin,

I am originally from Saskatchewan and I still own farmland there. (Sask will separate along with Alberta). I currently live in British Columbia.

Given global cooling, earthquakes, the commodity boom, civil unrest, global war, Alberta Separation, the rise of China…..Where do I take my family and young son?

Thanks for all of this invaluable work,


ANSWER: That is a difficult question to answer at this point in time. Normally, if there is a crisis in one part of the world there is always an alternative. This time, every place you look there is political uncertainty. There will be pockets of safe harbors. Alberta may be one if it separates from Canada. The issue stems from oppressive control coming from centralized governments that are not ready to reform. They will crackdown on society in a desperate attempt to retain power. There are some pockets in the United States, but we may be looking more outside the continent. So far, the best spot in Asia has been Thailand.