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Where to Go?

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QUESTION: Hi Mr Armstrong,
I have been a subscriber for several years and I appreciate your work. You mentioned that when the dust settles there will be pockets in the US that are safe. Can you elaborate where they will be? Also if your child was planing on majoring in finance in college next year, would you steer them away or have them specialize in something like forensics since there will be a mess to sort out? Or would you steer them to a different major or no college at all?

Thanks again for everything you do


ANSWER: It is still too early to forecast which areas will be best specifically. In general, the major regions will be split politically between left and right. There will be stark differences politically between California v Texas and Florida for example. You certainly do not want to be in any state that is out of control with respect to taxes and police abuse. Most people would never guess, but the state that abuses the law the most is Iowa. The percentage of drivers who have been given speeding tickets is 23.2%. That is a stunning percentage of the population. Indeed, Iowa wrote 148,755 tickets in 2016, which was a lot given the population compared to 712,000 tickets written by New York.  Additional states where the percentage of people who have been given speeding tickets over 20% are Wisconsin (20.2%), Ohio (20.5%), Nebraska (20.8%), Wyoming (21.3%), South Carolina (22.7%), and North Dakota (23.1%).

We have states that have been funding themselves with traffic fines for all sorts of things. A friend’s wife was ticketed for looking at Google maps on her phone while at a red light. She went to court to prove she was not texting. The judge ruled for the state, as they are instructed to do, and fined her by saying she is not even allowed to look at he phone. So if she had a paper map, that would have been OK. So this is what we call legal persecution for monetary gain.