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Was Trump the Right Person?

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Question Future

QUESTION: Do you think Trump is the right person to lead the charge against the swamp?


ANSWER: The one qualification Trump had was a thick skin. They have so attacked him from every possible angle it is hard to separate the real issues from Trump the person. So if Trump tried to run again, it would be all about him and not the Swamp. Corruption has won this battle. I seriously doubt there will be any fair election in the future so I am not sure anyone can win any election to drain the swamp.

I really wish someone would step up. Right now, I do not see anyone who I would say is qualified to really lead such a charge. These people have lied about everything from this virus to the real laughable flip is they conspired to save democracy by ending Trump’s reign of terror, as they paint it. That is a real joke. This is all about the Great Reset and Trump stood in the way. Schwab has all of Europe in his pocket and now he has his strings into the White House. Then you have Thomas Picketty calling on Europe to default like the French Revolution and then start over issuing new debt all over again with no conception of wiping out everyone’s pension! (newspaper Le Monde, “1789-2019, the return of debt”, (in french) )

There is no democracy. We have a republic dominated by oligarchs. Trump had no idea of what he was up against. I am not sure I see anyone out there to lead a real charge. I fear the only solution will be an armed uprising which is why they are going after all guns.

Biden is turning the USA back to a war footing. He sent troops to Syria and ordered building a base.