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Vaccines & the Tool of Tyranny

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Vaccine Blood Clots

According to American Frontline Doctors, 62% of those vaccinated develop blood clots, and they claim that life expectancy maybe 3 years. Moderna’s groundbreaking coronavirus vaccine was designed in just 2 days. They also acknowledge that was POSSIBLE only because they were working with Bill Gates previously.

Look, I am not a doctor. I will leave that to others. What I can see strategically is this is being politically manipulated. I have known people with COVID and could not taste. They got over it in a week. A friend was vaccinated and just came home after 2 weeks in the hospital with some strange development where first they thought it was a stroke, then a heart attack, and then kidney failure. It was like something strange infected him and it was running around his body. NOBODY could say what it was, which makes me think it was the vaccine rather than some mysterious disease never seen before that somehow he caught from a visiting alien.

Gates FDA

There is something seriously wrong with this entire picture. Once politicians got involved and Gates was allowed to fund the CDC, FDA, and NIH. There is ABSOLUTELY no possible way of knowing the truth. We are the great unwashed and that is how those in the office view us from above. We are tolerated at best, and they are now breaking the chains that once made them responsible to the people.

Gates Controlling the World

I have learned over the years to look at patterns in how people behave. Bill Gates was forced out of Microsoft because, as I believe, he was deliberately creating a monopoly and sought to put the competition out of business. He is displaying the very same thing now with the healthcare industry. He controlled the programs that said 33% of the world was about to die, funded Imperial College which recommended lockdowns, and then he controls the vaccine companies while his coconspirator using his influence to control politicians with the WEF.

Gates Population Control

Gates and his father’s obsession with overpopulation demonstrate that they do not understand the cycle of nature and believe they possess the power, intelligence, and money/influence to change the world to BUILD BACK BETTER as he thinks it should be.