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The World in Chaos

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IBEUUS Y 7 10 22

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, it has become so apparent that sites like _____ always promote gold so they refuse ever to quote you for they are doing the very same thing of creating a cancel culture. It is their commentary or nothing else. I have stopped reading them. Then you said that your computer showed this was a year of worldwide political chaos. The events in Sri Lanka and the collapse of the British government seem to be only a tease for the midterm elections.

Euro Conference 2017

On top of all of this, Socrates targeted Ukraine as the hot spot and that was in 2013. I attended your 2017 Euro conference in Frankfurt. Here is a photo if you don’t have one. I admit I was skeptical of your forecast back then. You were correct when nobody else saw this collapse coming.  It seems as plain as the nose on our faces that there are some fools desperate to try to prevent people from listening to the forecasts of Socrates. That means only one thing. They are trying to manipulate the world in their own direction. If they refuse to ever quote you on gold and others are constantly trying to bash you for whatever they can twist, this means that Socrates has been right and they have been wrong.

Our politicians here in Europe are only preaching war. I concur that this appears to be a cover-up for the financial crisis they have created. Looking at Sri Lanka and how the people rose up in the face of hyperinflation because of their default on the debt, is a warning I think. Is this the same dark future for Europe since they destroyed the bond market here?  Can you shed any light on our future?

Respectfully, from Frankfurt


London Destroyed

ANSWER: The negative interest rates since 2014 has destroyed the European sovereign debt market. The REPO Crisis of 2019 was US banks refusing to lend to European. I can confirm that the top banks in NYC will no longer accept any EU sovereign debt as collateral. So Europe is there now as Sri Lanka but the ECB still has some confidence at this moment. But that does not look to be sustainable. We are probably looking at the final collapse by 2027.

A lot of people from Germany are buying land in Uruguay and Paraguay. It appears while people are flocking across the border here in the US with free money as long as they vote Democrat, but the US will probably reinstitute the draft and these newly created Democrats may find themselves dying on the battlefields of Europe. Then there is a silent exodus unfolding behind the headlines for the places that seem to be out of the way of this political chaos/war is South America and Africa.

Political Hell

Yes, our computer had targeted 2022 and a Panic Cycle in global politics. We are cursed with politicians who are only concerned with their own power and not the people or their countries. They are pushing for war as a distraction from the financial crisis they have created borrowing year after year with no intention of ever paying anything back. We have seen the impact of this policy in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Lebanon. It will get far worse for this economic system is collapsing.

Shell Game

This is a game of distraction. All they are doing is trying to create issue after issue to distract us from their economic decline. They have listened to Schwab and his WEF because he is preaching authoritarianism which will keep them in power, end democracy, and control society with an iron fist because this system is collapsing.

BrettonWoods 8

What they are counting on is that war with Russia will be contained conventionally and that they BELIEVE they can in fact wipe Russia from the fact of the earth as the head of the UK Army has been instructing British troops. A friend here in Florida had their son enlist and now he has been told to prepare for war in Europe. These people want war. They see this as their escape plan to prevent the financial collapse where we storm their palaces and start swimming in their pools.

Schwab WEF End of Democracy

They are trapped. This is their plan to retain power. Schwab has even told you that upfront – end of democracy. They are on a course to totalitarianism. They have destroyed the world economy already with their sanctions. Yet their fatal mistake will be that they will be defeated in war and it will NOT remain conventional.

Russian Roulette scaled

They are playing Russian Roulette, but there is more than one bullet in the chamber.