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The UN Here to Save the World

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UN Here to Save the Day

QUESTION: What about the deficit spending without limit? You do not attribute that as contributing to the collapse in confidence of government? Do you think that the UN has known this all along and has been looking for the timing to rush in and save the day?


ANSWER: The issue of deficits is well known ONLY among the financial community and of that it is confined to mostly the hard money people. I have been in meetings with governments around the world and whenever I have mentioned the deficits, I was told that they are the government, and that is the difference. These people have always seen that they can borrow endlessly and that there would NEVER be a day of reckoning.


As for the United Nations, those from the very beginning dreamed of ruling the world. Huxley, from the very start, held the view that there should be no right to vote for the people who are too stupid. It lashed out against the United States as being the extreme left or communism – “unrestricted individualism is equally erroneous.”  These people have always been arrogant and full of themselves. They sit around drinking their port in 5-star hotel lobbies and pontificate how the world would be much better with them in charge. Of course, better” is always for their own power and we are not to have individual rights.

Schwab Gates Soros

That said, Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand has also worked inside governments. No government was willing to hand their sovereignty to these egotistical maniacs running the United Nations. This is what  Schwab and Soros have been trying to pull off. Gates seems to be along for the ride provided he gets to control the climate and reduce the population while he is at it.

1 Schwab Ruler of the WOrld

These power-hungry elites in the UN could not pull off this plot without the money from Soros and the dreams of Schwab who has set out to force his economic theories upon the world. He has been strategic, methodological, and patient.

WEF Schwab Transhumanism

I really think these people are on a mission to accelerate Schwab’s great hope of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The motive, I fear, is that these people are near their expiration date. Perhaps they are afraid of death and are desperately trying to accelerate technology so they can start replacing body parts to live beyond their time. Why are Schwab and Soros fighting so hard? Why not enjoy the last remaining years of your life? It seems they are like an Egyptian Pharoh. If they must leave – they are taking as many people within and Gates cheers that possibility.