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The Strange Way Some People Think

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COMMENT #1: HILARIOUS!! A simple FOOL wanting to shoot the messenger.
“A closed mind gathers NO facts.”
Old Texas bumper sticker. “To hell with them, let them freeze to death in the dark.”


COMMENT #2: Hi Mr. Armstrong….yes I agree, you are dangerous, but the real issue is “dangerous to whom ?” Certainly not to citizens who search for truth in their government.


COMMENT #3: Hey Marty,
Not to worry you have many who value your counsel and experiences as a trader, history buff, visionary, lawyer and computer programmer. As a recovering social parasite that still works for the Federal government, it not easy sometimes to recognize the errors of your past thoughts and actions. I hope that you can continue to tip at the windmills of our linear thinking patterns with your work. Please don’t let your critics and enemies get under your skin too much. We always look forward to your next post.

Grace and peace to you,


REPLY: No worries. I find these people just a joke myself. I refrain from publishing them because sometimes they are just so off the wall it is hilarious. They claim I make up the questions because I publish ones that are at least valid. So once in a while I will post some of these crazy ones just to show how nuts they can be.

I was in Philadelphia during the Occupy Wall Street Movement when they camped out by city hall. I was in the building across the street and came out wearing a suit and tie. One yelled at me calling me a “Corporate Liberal” and I just had to stop and ask just what the hell was a Corporate Liberal? He was stringing together two opposing concepts of evil big corporations and conservatives who called opponents liberal. I just had to laugh. Some of these are just beyond even trying to figure out what they are so angry about. Just life I suppose.

I really think we need to split the country and all the left should move left to California and the right should move to the right. Where you draw the line down the middle would be interesting. I am more Libertarian, so perhaps I should just leave. Maybe we should colonize Mars and just start all over.