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The Massive Online Frauds Are Pouring In From Many Companies

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Geek Frauds

The number of frauds coming in is endless. One is claiming to be the Post Office, and you must log in and pay $5 to get your package. The GEEK Squad is a popular one. I even get them from pretending to be FedEx and CVS. They typically say your card will be charged like $500 for some service.

Geek Frauds 2

Look at the email. When it is not coming from the company, and you see an individual name, it is FRAUD. They want you to click on something to enter your credit card or bank information so they can quickly relieve you of the burden of having money.

DO NOT respond to anything that is not from the actual company. This is widespread, and they are making a lot of money, especially for the elderly. And they want to go fully digital? You can report them to: