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The Greatest Threat is Always from Within

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Chess Match

QUESTION: Do you think the Neocons are more dangerous than Russia or China?


ANSWER: Absolutely. In Chess, you face your adversary. You know your enemy, and you try to unravel his strategy. In geopolitics, the greatest danger is always the enemy within your own ranks. For a handful of silver, it was a Greek who showed the path for the Persians to come behind the Spartans through the hills and annihilate them from behind in the Battle of Thermopylae. Judas also betrayed Jesus for a handful of silver. History has proven countless times that your greatest enemy always emerges from within.

Any politician who now supports Ukraine and spouts out the BS we will be next is unworthy of any public office, including sanitation cleaning toilets. They have NO place in politics and should NEVER be allowed to take the White House, regardless of their party. The Neocons have created endless wars on their own theory that democracy should dominate the world. Their version of democracy is really tyranny, for we have no right to vote on taxes, vaccines, lockdowns, or war. We are drafted with no right to vote and ordered to die on a foreign battlefield because of their agenda in which we have no say whatsoever.

This is their version of Democracy