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Singing Parrot & Animals

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Animals are fascinating. I have noticed with my dog she is very smart and she will communicate with her eyes. She gets a certain look and I know she is ready to play. Then a friend has a newborn and she was so gentle with it that there was a clear understanding that this was a baby. If I say you want to go shopping she runs to the front door. If I say you want to go for a walk, she runs to the back door. She understands far more than I ever credited a dog for.


Lepard Baby Baboon


Likewise, there are videos of how a gorilla bonded with a mom who also had a newborn. Leopard Takes Care Baby Baboon After Hunting Its Mother. The question this brings to mind is rather stark. Are animals more respectful than humans? There certainly seems to be a total lack of ethics, integrity, or respect in the halls of Capitol Hill.


Rome SheWolf 1024x683


This certainly raises the question: Was any validity whatsoever to the story that Romulus and Remus were raised by a she-wolf? Perhaps they were suckled at first and someone raised them. There is certainly plenty of evidence that suggests such things are not totally fiction. Very curious!


Loyal Dog