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Sex Trafficking v Epstein

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Sex Trade

A few people have questioned my comment on Virginia Giuffre saying she was a victim of sex trafficking. I totally disagree. Just watch the movie Taken which is based on the real sex trafficking trade. There they kidnap girls who are then forced to have sex. That by no means applies to what Epstein was doing. He enticed girls into a high-level standard of living and they were trained how to have sex. They voluntarily joined that lifestyle which is substantially different from the girls who are really victims of the sex trade. I do not think it is appropriate to lump them all together into one group. The sex trade is a serious issue. I have always advised even our staff never to walk alone in the major cities of London, Paris, or Rome. They even have been kidnapping them in New York City. With this defunding of the police, it will only get worse. This is also unfolding in California.