Neil Young – Is He Just Anti-American or Another Elite Hard Leftist?

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QUESTION: What do you think of the Neil Young v Joe Rogan conflict?


ANSWER: Neil Young I believe is anti-American. Of course, he lives in Redwood City, California. Young displays the very anti-Constitutional position of a typical left-wing Democrat who thinks anyone who disagrees with him should be canceled and denied all rights. Free speech is what our nation was founded on. Young seems to ignore the very freedom that allowed him to follow his own passions. He certainly does not have a heart of gold.

A Communist can advocate communism in America but a person living under communism cannot advocate freedom and still survive. That is what free speech is all about. You are acting like a Communist demanding silence from anyone who dares to speak out. Even Lynyrd Skynyrd called Young out for his pompous attitude in “Sweet Home Alabama”: “I hope Neil Young will remember. A Southern man don’t need him around anyhow!



Any of these over-the-hill artists living off of yesterday who have pulled their songs from Spotify because of Rogan’s interviews of two qualified people, I say good riddance! Go back to your drugs and keep voting for Biden, for I think you are probably on the same level and page mentally. Entertainment should remain as entertainment. When they get so full of themselves to think they can use that to further their personal political agenda, that to me is the same as a corrupt politician using their position for insider trading.

Dr. Peter McCullough has come out and stated that Spotify never contacted him. If I were him, I would file a suit against you, Neil, for defamation of character. I would make you prove McCullough is wrong and put out misinformation. I would pay to see that on a podcast. I think it is about time someone challenges your arrogance Neil — enough is enough.

Neil, don’t worry. Like Johnny Paycheck sang, “Take This Job And Shove It,“and you can do the same with your music. Personally, I always liked “Sweet Home Alabama” better than anything you ever did!

That’s my OPINION. Free speech means we also must listen to the opposition. If you disagree, move to Cuba or Venezuela, please!