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Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus

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COMMENT: Marty, I read the post where they said they needed to find you a 23-year-old wife so she will keep you active so you can continue to blog. I am over 40, and things have changed. Yes, there is an abundant supply of 23 to 33-year-olds. But they only want arrangements and hookups, not relationships and certainly not children. Bill Gates has done his job. He has brainwashed the young, and good luck finding one, even in their 30s, who would be serious.  The old saying they want someone with a flashy car no longer applies. That went out a long time ago.


REPLY: I know what you are saying. That seems to be true to some extent. But then the girls complain that boys their age only want to play video games and live in their mother’s basement. Things have changed, and I hear them from younger people constantly. The funny thing was there was a woman in her early 30s. I opened the car door for her, and she was shocked. We were not on a date; it was just looking at real estate. I didn’t think about it; it was standard among my generation.

This may be why the computer is also projecting a decline in the fall of the population post-2032. It is a combination of a decline in the birth rates worldwide, war, and disease. Most young girls I have spoken with about this subject assert the same reason. Enjoy life when you are young rather than having kids. Out of probably 30 girls under 40, only one I know has a child.

Just for the record, I have a few “flashy” cars, as you put it. I was in a parking lot with my BMW I8, and a guy and his girlfriend approached me and said, “Boy, I guess you get all the girls with this car.” I replied, no! – Just guys! I never had a woman come up to me because of a car – ever! Guys, all the time. How does it handle? How fast is the top end? etc, etc., etc.

Women are not generally impressed with cars any more than a guy is impressed by her name, handbag, and matching shoes. That, too, impresses other women – not guys. That’s the old adage – Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus. Not sure I was a 23-year-old to keep me young. I have no intention of running for president when I am 90. I prefer a more mature person, but the pickings keep getting slimmer by the day.

Indeed, culturally, things have changed. I suppose that is part of the generational cycle.