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Keeping the Balance

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2021 How Rome Fell

COMMENT: Civil unrest is defivately rising, your models are so good at looking far into the future!
With incidents like this, I really find it interesting reading public comments on social media are empathetic and typically left leaning.
I also find it interesting how ignorant the left are in not realizing that they are violating the “rights” of the right by oppressing their views.
I don’t know where this is going, or when it will end, but people in Canada are definitely polarizing and it’s instigated by our states media
Very happy to see that you are presenting information …… From both sides of the fence as neutral as it can be in these interesting times. Maybe the protesters on both sides will wake up and realize it’s the gov pulling our strings; as did Orwell in 1984.
N, BC, Canada

REPLY: It really is very important to stay neutral. It is absolutely critical to document what you have and to present it without the extreme ranting that so often emerges today. I know a number of people thought I was just a Trump supporter. Now some who criticized me have written to apologize and have now realized this is not a Trump v Biden crisis – this is a global agenda and Trump was just in the way.

We are entering the separatist phase. The civil unrest which is creating polarization is the very thing that leads to the separatist movement. I have been asked to write a book on how the parallels of the decline of Rome are alive and well today. I have been rushing to get this finished. They want this is stores rather than a report so more people will get to see it.