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Just Say No

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Just Say No

I have stated that my cousin was a front-line nurse. She caught COVID and got over it. The hospital made her get the vaccine. After the first dose, she had a stroke. Fortunately, she has recovered. She has now refused the second dose. Another friend whose son-in-law works in a hospital was ordered to take the vaccine. He was in his 30s. He ended up violently ill for about one week. This entire drive to mandate vaccinations is political. The death toll is less than 0.02% compared to nearly 4% for the 1918 Spanish Flu. This very dangerous man is saying that 75% of Americans need to be vaccinated before we can return to normal.



We also have Fauci now appearing with the World Economic Forum promo for the Great Reset now saying “inequality” has to be fixed. Where is this in his portfolio of expertise? Those who claim anyone who is against him is a conspiracy nut is very curious because they are refusing to tell the truth about anything. Nearly 40% of the people in France and 23% in Germany say they definitely or probably will not get vaccinated against Covid-19, as reported by the Guardian. In Italy, it was 12% and in the UK it was 14%. Over in the Netherlands, it was at 17%. Meanwhile, 57% of people from minority ethnic backgrounds say they will get the vaccine.



Then we have the Biden Adinitration saying even if you are vaccinated, you still must wear a mask and social-distance. So what is the point of the vaccination?



Fauci made it clear at the outset that a mask will not prevent you from getting the disease. Indeed, when I went to the doctor and said I did not even know anyone with COVID, they said I could have gotten it from pumping my own gas. These people av deliberately destroyed the economy for climate purposes – not for a virus.

Carney Mark WEF

Now we have Mark Carney who previously served as the Governor of the Bank of Canada from 2008 until 2013, and was the Governor of the Bank of England until March 2020, come out and said that more people will die from Climate Change than COVID so it is a far greater crisis. Carney is an economist and a favorite at the WEF. Every person who is coming out about this is tied one way or another to the WEF.



However, we then have Biden’s climate czar who tells us we will NEVER return to normal. I am sorry. The one thing I have come to understand is that those in government NEVER tell the truth. This virus has been used for political purposes because they follow Schwab’s global agenda to end capitalism as we know it.



Kerry is a Davos-Man. What he is saying is that we need to surrender sovereignty to the United Nations becau7se no single country can fight climate change. This is why Schwab says in his promo that the United States will no longer be a superpower – it will be shared and controlled by the Uni8ted Nations which is George Soros’ dream.

Schwab now has his strategic placement in all Western countries and the destruction of jobs and the Great Reset is in motion without even allowing the world population to vote on the changing of the world economy. They expect miners to suddenly manufacture solar panels, yet there is no consideration if there is even such employment available in their area. Do these people have to sell their homes and migrate in hopes of finding a job? It is easy for these elites to just come together and pontificate when they have never worked with their hands or ever had to really work for a living in the real world.


Washington Troops

They have turned Washington into a military fortress. They claim it was to prevent Trump supporters from invading again. That did not happen, so now they will continue to remain they are staying into March because of the Trump Impeachment trial. I seriously doubt we will see Washington itself ever return to normal. Biden is even now promoting that Washington DC should be admitted as the 51st state.

Patrick Henry Quotes

The Patriots are no longer in Washington. They are the enemy from Washington’s perspective. Unfortunately, the computer will be right to my disappointment. The USA will break up and will never be the land of freedom ever again. What these people are doing is tearing down every piece of fabric that once made the United States the land of opportunity and the beacon of liberty in the world.

Plato Strange Times fake Quote 1024x427

You may think that what we are going through is unique. History repeats because the corruption in government always unfolds. This quote that people have been attributing to Plato for 150 years or so, but I cannot locate in his works. It appears to have been made up by a man running for president in 1872. George Francis Train campaigned to become President of the United States, and a collection of his speeches was published under the title “The People’s Candidate for President, 1872.” Accordingly, Train caused quite a sensation when he said this quotation.  What is interesting is that this did reflect the sentiment at the time. It did not fit Plato since he was the one running schools in Athens back then. Nevertheless, we could make it up again today and once more call it strange times when anyone who disagrees with CNN should be taken off the air and labeled as a conspiracy theorist.