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James Sinclair Dies at 83

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Many have written in saying how they came to hear about me was that James Sinclair, they call Mr. Gold, was publishing my handwritten reports from prison on contempt.  Jim contributed to the promotion of gold post-Bretton Woods. I was purely an institutional adviser before they threw me in contempt for refusing to turn over the source code to Socrates. When the US put Conrad Black in prison, who was a Canadian and British former newspaper publisher as well as a writer, he began writing from prison. I met Conrad when he and his son visited one of my Toronto Institutional sessions. When they imprisoned Conrad, he began writing for his newspaper; he inspired me to do the same.

It was then that my writings expanded from institutional to general public. Jim aided me by publishing what I was writing and spreading the word. Just because he was called Mr Gold did not mean we were always on opposite sides.

As Socrates said, when sentenced to death, it was either a migration of the soul to see all your old friends or it was like a midsummer night’s sleep – so peaceful not to be disturbed by a dream. We will meet again, my old friend.