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Gun Control After Texas

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2013 Obama Gun Contgrol

QUESTION: After Texas, what reforms would you advise if any?


ANSWER: There will be those who immediately advocate ending private gun ownership. They have no idea what they are talking about for real criminals do not buy their guns in stores. Much of the weapons the United States hands out in various countries to fight whoever ends up back in the United States on the black market. Guns they gave to Syrian Rebels, the Taliban, and even Ukrainians end up on the black market on American streets. Nobody wants to talk about that.

On August 29th, 2013, the Obama administration surprisingly announced new gun control measures. They deal with the little-known problem of re-importation of US weapons we give to rebels to fight various conflicts that go to our streets. The Obama administration began curbing the import of military surplus weapons because of the evidence from Bengasi.

With all the yelling and screaming about weapons on the streets, it is not widely understood that many actually are coming from our own sales or gifts to rebels overseas. We hand out weapons like candy for political reasons and they are arming the domestic drug trade. The story behind-the-curtain was that Stevens, who was killed there, played an active role in selling these weapons and that was the real reason for him being targeted.

The weapons that were flowing through Stevens were alleged to be the key to conflicts throughout the region and were flooding the streets in America as well in another secondary black market. This was a key source of weapons for Syrian rebels which was also a Neocon objective to overthrow the Syrian government. Taking out Stevens stopped that traffic in guns. That was the TRUE story behind Benghazi.

So, the weapons for war are on the street and in the hands of the drug dealers. So imposing regulations to stop the sales of assault weapons will not stop the problem. But this incident presents a real clear and present danger. This shooter was crazy. He asked his sister to help him buy a gun and she said no. When he did get his hands on one, he killed his grandmother who probably saw mental issues in him.

So is there any Regulation That Might Work?

The problem here is he was crazy. I do not see any problem with having to prove you are of sound mind to buy ANY gun. In this case, it appeared that his family would have said NO. Perhaps it should require family consent but perhaps a mental examination as well. There should be a waiting period and perhaps a mental examination by three separate doctors in a blind test to certify that he is of sound mind.

Outlawing guns or even assault weapons will not address the issue. Someone can always get them from the black market. In this case, the shooter was clearly crazy. That type of person would more likely than not try to buy a weapon at a gun store. I think the mental exam and family consent are more important than anything else. The Swiss have a militia-type system and most men must be trained and can keep their guns at home. Yet they have no real crisis in guns.

Guns do not kill – the Person Behind the Gun is the Killer

In Florida, a 10-year-old just joked about shooting up the school. Despite the fact that he did not actually possess a weapon to commit such an act, the police were notified and he was arrested. In Florida, they have a unit with a task force for that purpose. In Japan, a guy injured 17 people in a knife attack. If someone is crazy, they do not need a gun.

Revolution American


Of course, Trudeau is jumping all over this incident to ban handguns. This is the real goal because governments know that what is coming is a revolution for they cannot keep this system of endless borrowing forever. This is what the Great Reset is all about. Their quest to retain absolute power. Biden can outlaw particular types of guns, but not retroactively. He can force everyone to register their guns, and then if they fail to do so, imprison them under the same principle of a failure to file income taxes. They cannot imprison you for the failure to pay your taxes, only if you lie to them about what you owe. He can also put restraints on ammunition to circumvent the 2nd Amendment.

They love these types of events because they always grab more power and pretend their new law will prevent such a thing ever again – until the next one. They will probably tell the press not to report such an incident when the gun comes from the black market and was intended for Ukraine. A French soldier who volunteered in Ukraine returned disgusted reporting how soldiers in Ukraine stole $500,000 worth of guns to sell on the black market.