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Creating a Different New World Order

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Strip Club

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong:

I apologize that I called you a fraud. Sometimes being a virgo is very hard. I became information overloaded and my tongue is very sharp. I am still reading your blog and I am amazed that you post the Corbett Report, which I follow religiously like yours.  I do not like that you called me a socialist, but it is hard to escape from this kleptocratic system that the connected people are always rewarded not people with degrees, small businesses and workers.

It seems like in what Ayn Rand described in her novel, Atlas Shrugged except there is no place to hide.  I am not socialist and I believe in capitalism wholeheartedly.  I lived in China myself when I was a child and saw what communism looked like in 1980’s.  I hate the CCP and I always wanted and dream the Nationalist Party would come back to the Mainland China.  I really was very frustrated with current situation in this country and do not trust governments either the USSA and the Middle Kingdom.

It seems that this country is following the CCP’s footstep becoming much more communistic, which I am very much afraid.  It seems most people are so docile and meek still bowing down to the abusive power whether from Manila, Paris, Washington, Brussels, Beijing, Moscow, London, etc.  When do people will rise up and say enough is enough?  It seems that the MSMs rewrote the harmony and social interaction between humans around the world and most people are brainwashed including my mother scaring them to the death.

This COVID-19 hoax is the greatest deception of all time and/or in my life time.  No matter what I tell my mother about the truth, I was laughed and ignored.  It seems like both political parties in this country only consume only one propagandist channel(s) i.e., either MSNBC/CNN or Fox News.  If it is not broadcast in the television, it is not news but rather propaganda from the internet according to the people like my mother.

Another worst thing happening is the societal break down.  I hate the media and governments around the world destroyed the global economy.  With respect of imposing physical distancing or ‘social distancing,’ how one can overcome these barriers that the ruling elite and eugenicists imposing this social distancing to commoners like me for population control?  Does this mean, no dating, no petting, no sex and ultimately no new generation will be born in this world? I am single man and lost everything in this economy.

I love to have a family of my own but simply can’t do at the moment.  Now Bill Gates wants me to not have any children?  This is against the God’s will – “Be fruitful and multiply,” Genesis 1:28.  I asked some guy who called himself a dating expert with the exact same question.  In addition, I asked him that since we are living in the global sexual market and dating scene, how one can overcome the vaccine passport imposed by gestapo governments that erected barriers and borders unless he receives the mark of the beast or ID2020.  He just ignored me and erased my questions on his blog.

Being a Scorpio yourself, libertarian, and kinda an expert in dating scene, how would you tackle this New World Order Orwellian 1984 dating scene?


ANSWER: Apology excepted. A fraud is someone trying to cheat you out of money somehow. I do not even sell advertising on this site. I do not need money so I have the luxury of not being one of those outlets that can be bought nor do I have covert investments I am pitching without telling people I believe as Bill Gates is doing. He is the only philanthropist since Rockeffer who pretends to be handing out money that is really investing and makes a return. Under that definition, if we all buy the stocks in the Dow, we are all philanthropists because we are creating jobs and helping society at least until it is time to take profit.

I am not an expert in the Dating Scene. Gave up bars in my 20s, had two kids to raise. I went to a strip club in New York one time because it was a friend’s bachelor party. I looked around at the audience and it made me feel like a loser to stoop that low. So, they are not high on my list. I have always just had better things to do. Most of the women I do know and occasionally go out to dinner are usually European overseas. I have probably spent 50% of my life outside of the USA traveling around the world. My last serious relationship ended by Force majeure back in 1999.

Different Light

Nevertheless, I fully understand your problem – just look at it from a different perspective. If you meet someone online and they want to meet wearing a mask (except Massachusetts where the fine is $300 if you do not wear a mask) then you get to immediately filter out if there is any compatibility. If they follow the propaganda, simply say have a nice day and move on. This is a whole new opportunity to get to look into their mindset and see their character. If they think you are crazy for not wearing a mask and you will die in a matter of seconds without one, obviously that is not a relationship worth pursuing.

People fall into patterns in how they act. Remember the patterns for if someone starts to act in a pattern you have encountered before, you know not to waste your time. NEVER judge people by yourself. Keep an open mind to explore who they really are and what is their driving force. People will act according to their beliefs. I have met people you can offer them a soda and they say no thanks. Turn your back and they will prefer to steal it. Why? Like some movie stars caught shoplifting. It was not for the money, but for the challenge.

This photo I assume is a parody. How would you have a strip club with masks and social distancing? Perhaps I have more faith in Americans putting up a resistance compared to Europeans. I think they were already much more accustomed to the socialist agenda and supporting the whole climate change agenda right down to shaming people who flew by plane.

Morgan Jennifer Gretta 1024x963

Greenpeace is headquartered in Europe. To me, they are people who grew up on Malthus and despite being wrong since the 18th century, they ignore all the evidence, live in total denial. They refuse to even consider the existence of cycles as being any cause and their arch enemy CO2, they also ignore that we need CO2 to clean water. If their stupid goal was to reach ZERO CO2, you would kill the planet and all the trees, grass, flowers, and plants since we breath out CO2 and they breath it in to make oxygen. These Climate Change people want to play God because they do not believe in God since they disagree with how the universe functions – cycles.

Optimism 2

I am perhaps a foolish optimist myself. We all believe what we want to believe. In my discovery of cycles and looking at all the interconnections, I want to believe that if I expose this hidden structure, enough people will wake up and see that life can be a hell of a lot better if we stop all the nonsense and live with the cycle instead of always looking at everything as a linear progression.

Ferguson lock down

Bill Gates to me is not very smart, just very devious, and strategically cunning. History will dubbed this the Gates Depression. If he were truly smart, his goal would not be to try to dominate the world and force his Climate Change/Depopulation ideas upon everyone else denying any democratic process. I believe he was guilty of trying to destroy all competition and the case against Microsoft was legitimate. I believe that’s why he had to step down to prevent Microsoft from being split like the Baby Bells. He is monopolizing the health industry and every study that supported this lock-down was funded by him – $79 million to Imperial college to get the ball rolling. How about a REAL investigation and just follow the money? Like Goldman Sachs, when someone hands out billions, they politicians stand in line no matter how dirty the scheme.

Einsteing Curiosity


CuriosityA true person who is smart always is in pursuit of knowledge. A professor at Princeton University once told me I reminded him of Einstein. I laughed, and I am no genius physicist. He explained to me that genius was not about how much you knew, but the process of how you think. If you always think outside the box, challenge the prevailing consensus, and are always curious, which is the mother of all discovery – you entered the genius class according to many studies. He explained it was not the field I was exploring, nor the amount of knowledge I acquired that sparked that similarity in his observation of me v Einstein.

I have written about CURIOSITY and explained to audiences that come to the WEC, that they are all geniuses. Those willing to explore their CURIOSITY and think out of the box are the very essence of genius. Linear thinkers deny the existence of even a business cycle because they are people like Bill Gates who will do whatever he can because in his mind it is a linear progression.

Malthus was wrong for he failed to understand there are cycles to everything. He judged we were doomed because the population would always grow and exceed the ability to feed itself. That is the foundation behind the Gates Foundation. He lives and breaths that philosophy which has always proven to be wrong.

The invention of the combustion engine the Climate Change people want to destroy fail to see that food production increased with technology. That combustion engine alone proved Malthus wrong and as we head back into Solar Minimum, the colder each winter gets and the wetter or dryer the summer becomes depending on where you live, food production will decline! Gates has just intentionally pushed it off the cliff and now even the United Nations sees there will be a rise in starvation. Nature has historically imposed cycles and the locust plague in Africa will be devastating. Is that really not Gates’ true hidden agenda – reducing population?

Horse Blinders

I have written before if you read this blog, chances are you too fall into the category of being a “genius” because of your thinking process is inspired by your CURIOSITY. The difference is the majority of the world walks around with blinders on like a horse pulling a carriage in New York City at central park. They only can see directly what is in front of them. This is why A students work for C students, and B students work for the government. William Manchester wrote in the Last Lion:

Studies at the University of Chicago and the University of Minnesota have found that teachers smile on children with high IQs and frown upon those with creative minds. In­telligent but uncreative students accept conformity, never rebel, and complete their assignments with dispatch and to perfection. The creative child, on the other hand, is manipulative, imaginative, and intuitive. He is likely to harass the teacher. He is regarded as wild, naughty, silly, unde­pendable, lacking in seriousness or even promise.


So, I remain an optimist for now or  I would not write this blog. You cannot correct a mistake unless you understand you have made one. Mistakes do not correct themselves that you make in life – life will correct it for you, but you need that CURIOSITY gene to be willing to step back and analyze why you made the mistake. That is how you advance. You do not learn from your successes in life – only from mistakes.

Einsteing Mistakes


Being a genius is never about always being right. It is about knowing quickly when you are wrong. So I am an optimist. If I point out the mistakes in society, it may lead to a great awakening and we can advance as a society after 2032 and see a new era of prosperity until the corruption will filter back in probably after 31.4 years. On an individual level, if people come to this blog and get into Socrates, they will open their eyes and can become a part of that force which is necessary to effect real change.


Look at what one man has done so far. Bill Gates will probably go down in history as the next evil person who led to the death of hundreds of millions of people from job loss and starvation around the world. He will unleash civil unrest in the homes which will increase the divorce rates and break up families, wipe out pensions and jobs which have already increased the number of suicides which is up 35%. There were more suicides in Tennesee than people who died from the claimed Gates’ virus. Whenever the economy declines, suicides rise. A lot of people jumped to their death in the 1929 crash as they did in the 1990 crash in Japan. That was even the case in Europe with the Greek Debt Crisis. Students are committing suicide for they see no hope.

Dark Mind

It only takes 10% of the population to make a change. If we can move that needle closer to 40%, we will create a new world order that will be the opposite of what Bill Gates envisions in the dark corridors of his mind.