Companionship in these Times Can Help

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COMMENT: I can tell by your daily posts, you need a break. What you are doing for us is second to none but no one can keep up the pace you’re on. With all the political events going on in the world right now, it is time to give it a break.

I would like to proposition you with a full dose of sanity.  …


REPLY: Since traveling has been terminated, I got a companion. I had a dog when I was growing up, but he was more my father’s dog and he never really paid attention to me. My impression of a dog was rather limited. So, when it was suggested to me to get a dog, I was hesitant. I took the one who was more aggressive with the others in the litter. Since she was a French Bull Dog, in this age of WOKE, I named her Napoleon. I did not want some common name and certainly not a name that I might use. It had to be unique that would not come up in conversation.

Being a Frenchie, she never leaves my side. They actually do not do well left alone. Florida is a very dog-friendly state. Many places even have dog treats for visitors. She can go shopping with me in PUBLIX, Bed Bath & Beyond, Office Depo, Staples, Best Buy, everywhere. They love dogs here.

Being a specialist in AI programming, I have to ascertain how do we really think. It dawned on me decades ago, that we actually think in CONCEPTS – not words.

The Japanese word “onegaishimasu” some people try to translate as “I beg of you” but it is more than that. If I want a cup of coffee, I would say Coffee onegaishimasu. When you are in a plane about to take off, the stewards will clap and say onegaishimasu. If I wanted to use your phone, I would say Denwa onegaishimasu. To me, it is more of a generic “To —-” action verb. I have just explained a CONCEPT and attached a word to it.

Napoleon is incredibly intelligent. She understands so many words and will grasp one after maybe just three times. She will come up to me to play ball, but will then try to get me out of the office. She figured out that if the water bowl was empty if she banged it, I would come out and fill it with water. So, to get me to come out of the office and play, she will upset the bowl and bang it knowing I will come out. She has been studying my patterns.

She is just over 1 year old now thanks to the closure of the world. I have gained a new respect for Napoleon. I can see in her eyes when she just wants to come and kiss me, or she wants to play. The expression is there and I can see that see too, like us humans, thinks also in CONCEPTS. She hears me put down my glasses and immediately jumps up knowing I will take a walk.  She anticipates my movements and there is far more going on in her mind than I ever gave credit to a dog. I was just too busy to ever pay attention.

So, thank you for the concern. Napoleon puts a smile on my face often when I need it the most. I highly recommend a Frenchie. Just as I thought you train a dog, she too trains me trying to get me to step away from the computer.