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A Great Artist

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Napolion Painting

I would like to Thank Celeste for this portrait she made of Napoleon – my French Bulldog. You are a great Artist.

MA Painting Japan

I enjoyed painting in oils. I was never very good at portraits. I tended to focus on seascapes and occasionally some monuments. I always found it relaxing. This is one I did of the Emperor’s Palace in Tokyo since my office was right there across from the entrance. I appreciate artistic ability.

Robinsville Art Gallery


Over my career, I have been a part owner of a bank and sat on the board giving me real-life experience on that side of the table, and I was a dealer in collectibles from ancient coins to autographs and art. I was also one of the first in the field of art to actually get some artists to issue signed lithographs. I knew Norman Rockwell, Salvatore Dali, and Leroy Neman. Each gave me personal gifts I still cherish to this day. This is an old photo of the art gallery I had and you can see a wall of autographs as well. I dealt with rare historical documents and even sold to a friend a summons for the trial of Aaron Bur for the murder of Alexander Hamilton he still has hanging on his wall.

So thank you, Celeste. It will go well in my art collection.