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You Will Own Nothing = Revolution

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Political Revolution

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I would like to thank you for the private blog post on last Friday ‘The Dow the Week of 15th’. I have a question on the blog. I would be happy if you can respond to this on the private blog or email.

In the phrase “you will own nothing”  , whether the term “You” is applicable to normal working/middle class people as I am one of them. If yes ,how much and will it be applicable to personal real estate as well.


Warm Regards,


ANSWER: There is scarcely a government or major entity that is not aware of Socrates. While over the years I have been called in to advise around the world in times of crisis, this time is different. They know that Socrates is forecasting that their grand ideas of creating a new world order that they think they can create and direct from the United Nations will fail. For that reason, they try to discourage any media coverage of a computer that is the very Fourth Industrial Revolution they claim they want to accelerate, but they don’t like ours because it says they will fail.



Their vision is to take the property of the average person, end government borrowing, destroy any business dependent upon fossil fuels, and “build back better” all green while reducing population. The lockdowns are being used to destroy most businesses that require fossil fuels. They cannot come out and say that, and they know there will be collateral damage. They do not care about that because the ends justify the means. The businesses that survive they assume will be those allowing people to work remotely ending commuting and they certainly want to end people traveling for vacations. It is now a £5,000 fine if you leave Britain on a vacation. If you lie about where you have been, it’s 10-years in prison. All of this for a virus that is no more lethal than the flu?

These are the ideas of academics with no sense of humanity or even how the economy functions. They reject Adam Smith’s invisible hand because they want to create their own visionary world. This is no different than what was attempted by Karl Marx. They are running out of time. They realize they are on a short leash. The resistance is building and the political crossroads is coming rapidly — 2022. I cannot believe there is not a revolution in Britain by now. Other world leaders in history who have been such tyrants as Boris Johnson have been assassinated, overthrown, and often their heads paraded around on a stick celebrating the evil one is dead. Are the British simply sheep? London was always my favorite city. I cannot imagine living in Britain today.

The most dangerous place will be Europe, for Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum has total control of Europe. All the world leaders there ask him how high to jump and even what to say. They are using the excuse that there are not enough vaccines available so the lockdowns must continue. They need to thoroughly destroy as much of the European economy as possible in hopes that they can use this as a model for the rest of the world.

This idea that you will own nothing will lead to revolution. It is such a drastic alteration of everything we have had for thousands of years that it is just absurd to think that they can train humans simply to bark, sit, and rollover.