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Yellen Believes People are Better off Post-Pandemic

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Yellen Sec Treasury

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is proof that the establishment is completely clueless when it comes to the lives of the average citizen. “People are better off than they were pre-pandemic,” Yellen touted on national news last week. Perhaps she meant to say “politicians” rather than people, and no, one cannot point at rising US indexes and claim that is sufficient evidence that the overall economy is sound.

Yellen is akin to the Karine Jean-Pierre of America’s financial system insofar as her job is to openly lie to the public and convince them that their reality is not as it seems. She holds a high role in Biden’s cabinet and is responsible for overseeing America’s banks, tax enforcement, printing money, and the national debt. She is the bridge between the federal government and the Federal Reserve, acting as Biden’s top advisor. We know Biden is not mentally competent, and it appears his CFO has continually misled both Washington and the American public.

So, what the hell is wrong with Janet Yellen? Her loyalty lies with the World Economic Forum and globalist elite. These are the people making decisions that DELIBERATELY wound their own nation’s economic soundness on behalf of a select few behind the curtain. Yellen admitted that the true reason behind the massive spending on the Inflation Reduction Act was to propel the climate change agenda. “The Inflation Reduction Act is, at its core, about turning the climate crisis into an economic opportunity,” the Treasury Secretary admitted months ago. That was one of the largest spending acts in the history of our nation and pales in comparison to the money being spent on foreign wars. All of this spending is intended to meet the same goal of the Great Reset.

Hence, the woman in charge of overseeing national spending is ignoring the debt crisis waiting to implode. When US debt was downgraded, she called it arbitrary and simply disagreed with the data. The government has no plans to curtail spending. Instead, they are taking measures that contribute to rising inflation, therefore reducing the quality of life for the average citizen. Yellen’s recent statement proves that Washington is not concerned about the people, and this inflationary trend will continue.