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Will We Have Anything Left to Leave Our Grandchildren?

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Thanks again for all you do.
The subtext of most of what you talk about is overwhelmingly negative. Inflation, deflation, earthquakes, disease, government default, over taxation….. etc. Am I correct in thinking that despite your advice you anticipate most of your readers, even the most wealthy, will be left with little to hand over to their children and grandchildren by the time we get through to 2032 +/- ?

sucker punchANSWER: If someone stands in front of you and says they are going to punch you in the face, do you

  • (1) just stand there and let me hit you,
  • (2) move, or
  • (3) put up a guard and defend yourself?

Yes, the climate is turning back to cold. Yes, a single volcano can result in worldwide famine if it is big enough to block the sun for a few months as was the case with Huaynaputina which is a stratovolcano in Peru that erupted in 1600. Then there was the Year without a Summer when it was snowing in New York City during July. This may sound horrible, but it is also an OPPORTUNITY to shift investment money at the right time into commodities to survive. That is aside from the fact that you should be wise and stock up on some supplies and canned food in case that event unfolds. Just look at it as buying fire insurance just in case.

Joseph Interprets PharaohA disease is often a lifeform. Viruses mutate and we can think we are clever and create drugs to kill them, but then they mutate and defend themselves against our defenses with the object of infecting humans or killing us. That is their role in nature and we all have our purpose in this environment. There is the Nipah virus so far confined to southern India for which there is no cure and it kills 75% of the people infected. This is nature out to get us. That is simply how the world works. We cannot pretend it does not exit. It’s just best we know where it is and stay out of that region.

Sweden has issued a booklet to its people telling them what to do in a crisis or in war comes with Russia. An economic crisis is coming and the question becomes do you only want to hear the nice things and then find out your pension is gone as they are in Illinois, or do you want to prepare for the worst (buying life insurance) but hoping for the best (not collecting on it)? The government employees in Decatur, Illinois may soon find that they have no jobs because the town can’t pay those on pensions sucking up the money that prevents current employees from earning a living.

Head in SandTo me, this is more like Joseph warning the Pharaoh that there is a cycle of 7 years of plenty followed by 7 years of drought. If you know what is coming and prepare for it, you survive. It is as simple as that. We can hide our head in the sand and pretend nothing will ever happen or go wrong. Then we are unprepared and we will fail. I get called into crisis management problems because the people so close to it are emotionally blinded and cannot see the solution.

What is left at the end of 2032? The British Empire fell but Britain is still there. The fall of the United States may end in the breakup of the country into regions based upon huge cultural differences. One example that illustrated the vast differences in culture between regions of the United States is when California agreed to pay for a sex change of a convicted murderer who is serving a life sentence no less. It is hard to imagine any state in the South or Mid-West agreeing to such a procedure. California is raising taxes because its state employee pensions are underfunded. They have the money to pay for sex changes for people they have no intention of ever releasing? Many in the USA regard California as being just so far left, it should indeed just separate and become its own country.

The monetary system will change. That is beyond question. It is also beyond question that the dollar will rise and the rest of the world begins to crumble from its economic mismanagement of government. That dollar rise will break the back of the monetary system and the NUMBER one thing to survive will be tangible assets – stay away from government bonds. So will you have something left at the end of the day to leave your grandchildren? Yes, if you listen and understand the shifts underway and realize that there is a difference between assets and cash.

The system will break. I am doing what I can for my grandchildren. I have an expiration date so I will not have to be here after 2032. By exposing the problems and showing what the solutions are, just maybe when the money tree comes crashing down, we can all speak up and be heard to make sure what comes thereafter will be a reset in the proper direction compared to totalitarianism. EVERY Republic and Democracy has collapsed because of corruption. If you really care about your grandchildren, then understanding which direction we have to push this falling money tree to create an OPPORTUNITY for them will be extremely important.

This is WHY I have continued to do the WEC events. We have to stay on top of what is happening globally to survive the future. If there is an urgent change in anything discussed at these events I will send an email notifying attendees of what has taken place. These events are never about my OPINION. They are about reviewing the entire world to enable us to see the trend and have CONFIDENCE in acting accordingly.

So what I highlight may seem negative, but we learn from our mistakes, not our victories when we think we can walk on water. Some governments listen and take action, but they are the rising stars not the dominant ones now!