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The Pelosi Wall is Still Up – Why the Welfare State Will Collapse

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Capital 6 2021

Washington DC is still closed, and the Pelosi Wall is still up. Despite everything they portray on TV, Pelosi is keeping Capitol Hill behind her wall because she knows the agenda they are trying to push, although she really does not have even 50.4% approval. She has not given up on selling out America. Her dream of creating a welfare state where the people are 100% dependent upon the government, historically, does not work. Even the Romans discovered once they created a welfare program in 133 BC that they could NEVER end it without a civil uprising.

Nerva AE Ses Modus Poor

This reminds me of how Rome fell. They created a free grain program and took the rights of the people away to vote. Nevertheless, even after Rome fell, the Barbarians still had to maintain the free food for Romans or risk mob rule. No army outnumbers the population, and if the people rise up in civil unrest, the government will fall. This is a sestertius of Nerva celebrating that the emperor is providing free food to everyone in the city of Rome.


What is never really talked about is that the free food applied only to the city of Rome. Therefore, this attracted the poor from the rural communities, and as they raised taxes, the rich left. They managed to destroy Rome by chasing out the rich who created the jobs and innovations and replaced them with the welfare class. These two policies destroyed the Roman Empire weakening it from the inside, which allowed the barbarians to invade.