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The Malthusian End – 2022

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This is a presentation in German which is about one hour. Its proposition is that the leaders of the G20, the Rockefeller and Gates foundations have been conspiring to take over the political system for about 30 years or more. It states that the Government conspiracy went into high gear in 2017. This was sent in by a reader EAB. While my German is not so great, what I do agree with is that the idea of eliminating Democracy has been around for a long time. This is all coming to a head.



This idea of this one-world government will eliminate war has been outright even mentioned in the EU Parliament as the real goal. My view is that preexisting belief was simply exploited by Gates and Soros who used their money to buy friends and influence.  Thomas Malthus’ book which started the entire overpopulation panic and inspired eventually eugenics was published in 1798. Based on our 224-year Cycle of Political Change, this idea should reach its height in 2022.

I see Gates and Soros as newcomers who have the money to buy into the club and will make the peak in 2022.