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The Future & What is Really Going On

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New Norm


QUESTION: This civil war you talk about. Is it Republican v Democrat? Is this because your precious Trump lost?


ANSWER: Look, this is the computer forecast and you can go back years and see that this forecast was made before Trump ever ran for office. Make no mistake about it, that this is a confusing time and NOT all Democrats signed up for the events that are unfolding for they also have been kept in the dark. I have been stressing that this was NEVER an election about Trump v Biden. People who think I am some blind supporter of Trump will only realize what I have been warning about when it is too late. There is no solution to this coup other than the military. I do urge people to just stay home for the next two days. Do not join any protest in the capital or elsewhere. Pelosi has called in 25,000 National Guard for a reason.

Shell Game

Pelosi wanted Marines for the 20th but the Military was not going to put troops on American streets. She was trying to usurp Trump as Commander and Chief. She was not happy with the 25,000 National Guardsman for they might not kill people. She selected 2,000 and swore them in as US Marshals to be able to kill when ordered. This is insane! Then look at Germany, for if you break quarantine, you are sent to an internment camp. This is getting really nuts and you think this is Trump v Biden? That is the distraction –  the old keep your eye on the shell game to guess where the ball is now. Not even the majority of Democrats are aware of the real international game afoot.

Head in Sand

This is an international coup. This is the DELIBERATE destruction of the world economy and you better get your head out of the sand. There is no return to normal. The hospitality industry has been destroyed and the auto industry is starting to shut down for with lockdowns extended into next June, who needs cars? Tourism is gone as is normal commuting by car. If you never saw Europe, you may never have that opportunity from here on out. Destroying these businesses is an intentional plot for the Great Reset and it is a very well organized intended take over of the world economy. I have been coordinating with brave people around the world.

There have been plenty of people who have applied for the job of tyrannical leader of the world throughout history. None have ever survived and now we have never come as dangerously close to changing everything about society as we do right now. They think they can speed-up this Fourth Industrial Revolution to shape it the way they desire. If you cannot see what they are doing, then perhaps you deserve to be turned into a worker-ant.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


I have stated many times, the Constitution is NEGATIVE and it is supposed to be a constraint upon government. The First Amendment begins by saying “Congress shall make no law” rather than saying you have a right to religion or to speak freely. It is not a document that created human rights – that was something created by God who they also do not believe in. By the time you wake up, there will be a new normal and there will be nothing left to return to or to leave to your children. I feel sorry for you that you think this is merely Trump v Biden.

Schwab NY film Debut 1024x447

I have been in the midst of all this nonsense. I was even invited to Klaus Schwab’s private debut of his movie in New York. I DO NOT WRITE about conspiracy theories. I try very hard to stay away from theories that lack definitive facts. How many other people can say they even shook the hand of Klaus Schwab?

I receive death threats regularly from the LEFT but never from the RIGHT even when they say I am wrong and Trump signed the insurrection act and will arrest VP Pence when I said no way. The LEFT cannot sleep at night because their vision requires total world suppression to work. They neither believe in God nor in human rights or liberty, freedom, and justice for all. I have looked the devil square in the eye. I understand his very nature. So the threats no longer bother me. To me, death is preferable to the world they are trying to create reducing us to economic slaves – their version of the Matrix.

I have studied history and it repeats BECAUSE human nature never changes. I have warned that the collapse of our system is inevitable because they cannot borrow indefinitely with no intention of paying back. Once they took interest rates NEGATIVE in 2014, the end was set in motion. They destroyed the bond markets and the very foundation of the capitalistic system whereby people saved, lent their savings for a return, thereby furthering economic growth. I offered a solution and met with many around the world trying to prevent what is unfolding today. Socrates said I would fail, yet I tried anyway. Our demise is unfolding now and governments have moved from Socialism to Authoritarianism in a last-ditch effort to retain power. There is no solution possible without first feeling the pain necessary to change the trend.

I suggest you make some popcorn and watch this video. It was very well done by some brave people fighting for our liberty of the future.

Don’t forget. Socrates forecast I could not prevent this from unfolding so I tried anyway. But Socrates also forecasts they too will fail. They will not succeed in dominating the world and the Fourth Industrial Revolution cannot be orchestrated from some central power like communism.