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The Decline & Fall of the Global Economy

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There are a host of Republicans writing to Biden that he should send planes to Ukraine. These people in Washington are always quick to spill the blood of other people’s children – not their own. I find it appalling that you do not hear a single world that Zelensky should compromise on anything. His refusal to let the two provinces be independent which was promised them in the Minsk Agreement back in 2014 is unnecessarily putting his entire country at risk for some antiquated theory of imperialism. It was the USSR that drew the borders of Ukraine. It was not an independent country in itself until modern times.

Instead, Zelensky is trying to drag the entire world into World War III, and make no mistake about it, do that and you will find that China is partners with Russia. There is no doubt that Russia should go ahead and nationalize all the foreign companies that left Russia over this Ukraine issue. Even Warren Buffet started dumping Apple stock. Never in all my career have I watched corporations make such stupid decisions. There is no such thing as “temporarily” closing businesses. Biden has destroyed the world economy with sanctions and confiscated the assets of private Russians. There will be no return because there is no way that Russia can now yield to the demand of the West. So they will never return and the assets left behind might as well be nationalized for the world economy as we have known it has been destroyed.

Once Biden removed Russia from SWIFT, which refused to do so when asked by Obama during 2014 and Crimea, that was the first blow to the world economy. SWIFT has undermined the entire world showing that it is no longer about supporting global commerce, but it is just now a political tool. China now has no choice but to move ahead on its own replacement. Hence, that was the first blow to ending the global economy. The second was Biden confiscating the personal assets of Russians rather than keeping this between governments. This has created a Waterfall Crisis whereas the global economy as we once knew it has come to an end. You cannot do business with the United States for they can invade a country, never be sanctioned, but if anyone else does what they do it becomes war. Whoever is making these sorts of decisions clearly has no sense of integrity, history, or international relations.

Biden will be remembered as the man that began the decline and fall of the American Empire.