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The Collapse of the American Dream

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American Dream

The American Dream, where once upon a time, was when a parent saved to raise their children to have a perpetual better life than they had. Parents would save for their college education and they pushed their children to achieve. My father began saving the day I was born for my college education and law school.

American Way 1930 Billboard

Americans, no matter the circumstances of their birth, all shared freedom, opportunity, the right to build private businesses and enterprises, and a republic – “Representative Democracy.” We raised our children believing that they had a legitimate opportunity to live a better life than we did predicated upon their own skills and intelligence. We tried to instill a good work ethic, and that would provide good fortune for the future ahead.

But in today’s world, our politicians have sought to replace parents all under the guise of socialism. Individualism, we are now told from the likes of  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is evil and we are now to become just part of the collective hive. The ruling elite has stolen the wealth of the nation and its citizens while pretending this is somehow for our benefit. This was not an accident, but a plan implemented over many decades in the dark corners of the mind of Klaus Schwab.

In the ’80s when I bought a home in New Jersey, I simply had my children’s names added to the title with no questions asked. When I bought a place in Florida in 2016 and simply said add my children to the deed, I was told I could not unless they would then have to pay taxes as a gift. This thirst for socialism has impacted our way of life creeping into every aspect and suddenly they demand their share of everything we ever had and we are greedy as well as evil for even objecting to their demands. The Founding Fathers knew this was the danger and had prohibited direct taxation. But the politicians were seduced by Marx and created Socialism in 1913 with the income tax they swore was ONLY for the rich.

Socialism has destroyed the country. Nobody can do anything without the approval of the government and they have their hand in everyone’s pocket. Now with COVID, lockdowns, restrictions, demands for vaccines when this is by no means as serious as most over diseases, everything from our right to free speech and to assembly has been stripped of us and pro-left judges look the other way with the same mantra – the government cares. They even banned going to church in many states – so much for the freedom of religion. Nothing matters to these people other than their raw power.


These politicians have destroyed sanity. There were people who sprayed anything they bought at a store to clean the packages living in fear of COVID. When they introduced the vaccines, we were told that they would also return us to normal but they were handing out immunity to Big-Pharms like candy on Holloween. Suddenly, government-mandated safeguards were abolished and we were told just mix and match whatever vaccines but bottles of Tylenol warn you should not take it in combination with other drugs. So much for really caring about the people.

We have reached the point of never-ending COVID restrictions and there is no longer talk of any timetable for a return to normal. Teenagers are committing suicide because they can no longer see a future. We have been told that Fauci’s mere opinion is a science with nothing to back that up. Fauci cannot even keep all his lies straight and the media helps to cover it all up.

Vaccine Masks

We are now told cloth masks do not do anything but when this all began Fauci even said that masks did not work. They went from “useless” to mandatory and now back to useless. They demand like the Nazis that you must show your vaccine passport at a restaurant and wear masks in New York, while some hospitals have refused to provide services if someone is not vaccinated. I even had a friend whose wife was pregnant and got COVID and the doctor at a major hospital in Philadelphia told her to have an abortion because the child would probably be deformed. They went to a real doctor and the child was fine. My next-door neighbor got COVID, was pregnant, and the baby was fine. That is not the case for some pregnant women who got the vaccine which has caused birth defects.

The psychological damage to children is monumental. What we have yet to confront is that this fear campaign is going to be remembered by the younger generation as a catastrophic moral crime. These insane politicians and questionable doctors who surrendered all medical integrity and joined the government’s propaganda instead of defending the people against tyranny will be remembered as today’s Nazis. Honestly, I hear even from the left who now quietly agreed this has all gone too far. They are afraid that speaking up they are immediately labeled a Trumper and white supremacy in this new age of demonizing any opposition. Meanwhile, Biden calls people a son-of-a-bitch for asking relative questions as his polls plummet to the lowest of any president in history.