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Socialist Revolution On Target

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When I hear Bill Gates state on video, that if other countries had “followed the procedures of Vietnam, New Zealand, and Australia, there would have been lesser deaths…”

it is obvious to me that what he really was saying is ‘if other countries had followed the POLITICAL MOVES of Vietnam, New Zealand, and Australia’ bla bla bla, etc, and bla.

With the information available on alt and social media it is also obvious to me, that those countries have gone full on Nazi/Stazi/Police state based upon zero actual medical reasons.

It doesn’t take any imagination to then hypothesize and extrapolate that the WHO, WEF, UN, Gates and other uber-wealthy people are the designers and movers of this takeover worldwide. Additionally the huge global corporations (with interlinking BODs) are going along with the scheme and doing what some conservative governments will not/cannot do.

This was all planned in advance, it’s got very little to do with an actual virus, but primarily for propaganda sake. The scheme covers politics, social conditioning, financial re-engineering, setting up an unaccountable soviet style polit bureau of world governance, CCP level technical population control, and adoption of a fully operational socialist/fascist systems.
– The mask will become the shot.
– Food shortages will become the normal, and hunger will begat compliance.
– Sporadic violence will be the catalyst for a general police state and then gun/2A removal.
– Political unrest and social chaos will seize any governments that attempt to object, and likely will usher in UN troops to oversee the chaos.

If a few years ago I would have imagined a successful worldwide scam to take control of the world would happen in 2020 – I may have called myself a little bit nuts or a great fiction writer!

But now…?

What really scares me is to extrapolate any further on the effects of what seems to planned, and even more, the success thus far.

Very big thank you for all you do and your writings!


REPLY: Never in my life have I ever witnessed such a political coup to take over the world and impose their vision of a socialistic, green environment. The last time something like this occurred on an international contagion basis was the Revolution of 1848. Our models forecast that we would see global civil unrest in 2020, and this was 172 years on schedule (2 x 8.6 – 17.2). The previous target was 1934, which was the Socialist revolution where FDR even confiscated gold in January 1934. However, the 1848 event was more of a contagion.

I have said many times that humans cannot forecast what they have never seen. I personally am shocked at the magnitude of this movement. Just watching the Democratic Convention makes me see that conducting business in the future will become impossible unless you are doing something they approve of.

People do not grasp the dangerous road we are heading down. Socialists cannot tolerate dissent nor will they tolerate opposition. Socialism requires TOTALITARIANISM to take hold. Just look at anyone who posts anything against this movement, from health to facts about the Obama Administration illegally trying to create Russia Gate. Facebook and YouTube immediately take them down. They are idiots, for they think they are helping their Democratic cause, but they will soon discover that Socialists will not tolerate free speech, and they too will end up suppressed. They are fools, for they have NEVER picked up a history book — ever!

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The Socialist Revolutionary movement began in Italy with a local revolution in Sicily in January 1848. The movement caught on as a natural contagion spreading to France by February.  This revolution became a contagion rather than organized by a single group as we have today. The movement extended throughout the whole of Europe, with the exception of Russia, Spain, and the Scandinavian countries. In France, by June 26, 1848, the revolution resulted in more than 10,000 people were either killed, which included 1,500 troops. It was successful in creating the Second Republic.

The Socialist Revolution of 1848 took hold and spread worldwide, as we are witnessing again today under the pretense of this coronavirus. The 1848 Socialist Revolution engulfed the following countries, among many others, which even included Canada:

Italian states
German states
Habsburg Monarchy
Greater Poland
Romanian Principalities
South America

There was rising tension in the United States, but this was offset by the California Gold Rush after the discovery in 1848. Many people just picked up and left. Nevertheless, there was also a political polarization, with Democrats and reformers in favor of socialism. However, they were deeply concerned about the violence involved in Europe. The opposition came from conservative elements, especially Whigs, southern slaveholders, orthodox Calvinists, and Catholics. The most interesting aspect was that thousands of Germans fled the Socialists in Europe and migrated to the United States, later becoming Republicans, which also helped suppress the Socialists.

The 1848 Socialist Revolution sent people fleeing Europe to the United States for safety. Today, a takeover by the Socialists in the United States will lead to yet another migration between states, but there is no new land for people to flee. It is more likely to result in nations splitting and civil wars.