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Shortages & Unemployment

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Unemployed COVID

The Federal Reserve’s take on the coin shortage says that there are ample coins in the economy, but the banks have also been closed so there was a shortage also created by the fact that businesses could not get coins from a local bank that was operating only in a virtual mode. This also contributed to the problem. So banks, mints, transportation, and mines were all shut down which has created the problem you see in coin shortages, but this similar problem has infected all of the economies. So we have shortages in just about everything.

Eviction Free NY

What COVID has done is tapped into those who prefer welfare and have no problem not working as long as everything is free. Organizations have been formed to keep living for free with no consideration of what that really means to the economy as a whole. They are out in full force to prevent evictions and they only look at this from their perspective. If the landlords are not paid, then they cannot pay their mortgages, and then the banks foreclose. Living free is not a long-term solution but we can easily see how many would love Guaranteed Basic Income with no responsibilities. Without rents, landlords can’t pay mortgages but also repairs. So they will demand landlords repair their place but refuse to pay for anything. What will happen is simple. They will convert private property into state housing and then you will have converted New York City to one giant ghetto.

Help Wanted

Everywhere you look there is help wanted signs yet unemployment will not decline. I get a lot of emails from small businesses that cannot go back to normal because there is not enough staff. We even have Judges who have totally lost their mind ordering Maryland must continue to pay the extra unemployment benefits. This is raising unemployment costs in taxes upon those who are working.

You really can’t make up this nonsense. Nobody in their right mind would have created such a system – even a socialist, which would just argue to confiscate property to prevent evictions. Those of us who are working will pay more in taxes to support those who want a free lunch and everything else.