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New Age of Authoritarianism

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1715 Fleet Painting

QUESTION: With over 1 million millionaires and billionaires fleeing the north to the south, why do these people not see the handwriting on the wall? Willful ignorance? Or are they planning to try to prevent non vaccinated people from even engaging in any commerce?


Holley Springs Mississippi

ANSWER: This reminds me of how Spain fell. Indeed, Spain was once the richest nation in Europe. It had America and the gold kept piling in. Spain was the Financial Capital of the Western World at that time. Even the main currency in the United States prior to the Revolution as Spanish dollars. Here is a private note from the Exchange Office in Mississippi. Note that they picture a US dollar ws well as Spanish dollars. The US adopted the Spanish monetary system because it was the Financial Capital of the Western World at that time.

Spanish_Inquisition_Torture 1024x760

The Spanish Inquisition was even rejected by the Pope. It was being used for political purposes not unlike how they are using COVID today. They would torture and confiscate the property of especially Jews and Muslims. What they too succeeded in doing was driving the Jews out of Spain. Where did they go? They migrated to Amsterdam and in the process, they began banking and the first insurance companies. It was the English who copied the “Dutch” which were really the Jews at that time who even created the first stock exchange – the bourse.

Wisselbank Book Amsterdam

It was the Sephardi Jews from the Iberian Peninsula who had been expelled from Spain in 1492 after the fall of Muslim Granada. There were some who first migrated to Portugal. However, they too were forced to leave in 1497. The crown was using religion for-profit and the Jews were given the choice between conversion to Catholicism or suffer the death penalty on the grounds of heresy. By expelling the Jews, they set in motion the fall of Spain. The country became a serial defaulter and wiped out both the Italian and German bankers in the process. It was because of their defaults that the banking also migrated north to Amsterdam.

I see the very same process unfolding. The government is seeking to punish those who are not vaccinated. They are using COVID as the excuse to tear society apart to further their own power by maintaining the division between people. Nobody really knows what these vaccines are. People I know who have been vaccinated are handed a long legal document which states they are consenting to an experimental vaccine that has “not been approved” counting on the fact that people just sign such papers and have no clue what they really say.


The real question is WHY are governments involved in such an effort when the death toll is no worse than the flu? Now we have Canada bluntly proposing to suspend all elections using the pandemic as justification. It simply means we have arrived at the end of socialism. They know that. Europe has destroyed its bond markets. Pension funds are insolvent for they need 8% annual returns to break even. They must change the monetary system for they can no longer borrow endlessly to fund their wildest dreams. Welcome to the New Age of Authoritarianism.