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It’s OK

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COMMENT:  Mr. Armstrong,
I missed your writings this weekend 😊. I hope all is well with you. I am saying this because you have posted only videos and the last time this occurred, you were held hostage  in the hospital for corona virus testing. Thus, I trust that this is not the case this time and both your health and mood – yes ,your mood 😉 – are sound at this time. We are at a moment where we are all trying to keep a sound mind. It is becoming too much! Every time I read the news it is depressing and I guess we all feel the same. There is this vibe of despair and restlessness in the air that is very overpowering. We all need a respite from all this madness and subjugation over our lives; it is pure chaos and never ending really. I hope you find a way in your everyday to mitigate the anxiety you might have, if any. If I may say, you have picturesque surroundings to wake up to everyday, such as a beautiful, calming sea that can bring serenity just by looking at it and can also provide a tranquil walk by the water. These are simple things that nature provides us with to connect to her and alleviate our well-being.
As always Mr. Armstrong, I wish you good health and many blessings to you and your loved ones.

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REPLY: No, I am OK. Just finished writing a special report on Gold & Silver. Sent it off for editing. Today, I am working on the next on about Climate Change, Pole Flips, and 2032. I have so much to get done. I have been working every day for at least 15 hours.


SunsetI ended up getting a French Bulldog I suppose because traveling has become impossible. I also take walks on the beach to remind me how spectacular nature really is. Of course, these people would blame that on something humans did. They just do not believe in nature or God.