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Interest on US National Debt Hits New Record

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Government spending has consequences. The US national debt has surpassed $34.6 trillion at the time of this writing and continues to grow every minute. America has never been in a deeper deficit. The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB) has reported that America was forced to pay $514 billion in the first seven months of FY2024 on interest costs alone.

This means that America paid more in servicing its debt than on any other program besides Social Security ($837 billion), which is a separate problem entirely. To put it into perspective, the US shelled out $498 billion on national defense, funding 2.5 wars, during this time. Around $465 billion was spent on Medicare, with an additional $355 billion spend on Medicaid, and neither surpassed the amount paid on simply holding onto debt.

US debt to China Buy Bullets

10 trillion Debt Crisis Default

What can be done when the government refuses to curtail spending? Biden audaciously labeled one of the largest spending packages in the nation’s history the “Inflation Reduction Act,” and expects the people to believe that it has not greatly contributed to the rising costs of goods and services. Every week, Biden signs a new check to Ukraine or a climate change agenda, but no one can stop him from draining the Treasury. Even the Federal Reserve is utterly helpless and can do nothing besides sit back and watch as America spirals down.

Imploding this situation is China’s rightful refusal to purchase US debt. Other central banks see how careless US politicians have become with their spending and question if they ever intend to pay off their growing debt. How could they at this point? No one in Washington has a clue on what to do. Instead, they will continue spending with no concern for the long-term consequences that are inevitable.