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IMF Now Warns of the Recession from the Great Lockdown

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COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; It has been long suspected that you advised the IMF. You always denied that and then accused them of being corrupt. It then began to seem like whatever you would forecast, they would then mimic. A few days after your letter to Trump that we would decline into 2032 if everyone was locked down beyond May 1, the IMF has come out and called this the Great Lockdown and once again said this would be the worst recession in 100 years.

It is curious how influential your computer has become.



REPLY: I do not advise the IMF. I know a lot of people have believed so because they tend to come out and adopt our forecasts weeks of months later. But I do not advise the IMF and have never visited even their office.

Gates the Dark Lord

This insanity has been instigated, I believe, by Bill Gates and his co-conspirators. They seem to be more concerned about reducing C02 than people’s lives.