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Green Protectionism

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Johnson Boris

The world bashed Trump saying America First was protectionist. Those at the World Economic Forum were vehemently against him and his policies. Well now we have the rise of protectionism but instead of America First, it is now Green First. Britain’s ruthless Boris Johnson who is in bed with Gates, Soros, and Schwab, figuratively I hope, is now pushing at the next G7 summit Climate Tariffs, arguing that climate sanctions are now necessary to save the planet which is interestingly strangely connected to him destroying jobs and offering free education to retain people I suppose to make solar panels.

Green New Deal


This is the same nonsense coming from John Kerry. These people are deliberately using the COVID fake pandemic with a kill ratio of only 0.028% to destroy jobs to redesign the economy as green. They say they’ll create millions of jobs,  but leave out the part that they will destroy far more jobs. They expect people to retain, but employers may not even be available in their area. So they are supposed to sell their home, move, and hope they get employed and make the same amount of money.  You can’t make up this level of stupidity!

Austin Powers

By the time the sheep wake up and get it, they will make 2022 a very memorable year – politically – around the world!