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Food Shortages Set in Motion by Politicians

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COMMENT:  Dear Martin,
it is amazing what your computer is picking in advance. In Germany we now have the French fries crisis. (Reported now by N-TV) Do to the fact, that all restaurants are shut down, the Farmers cannot sell most of their potatoes. So we will see a lot of farmers get in financial troubles. Welcome to the beginning food crisis which Socrates is telling us.
Keep up the fantastic work


REPLY: Absolutely everything is connected. Governments always function linearly and never understand that cycle exists. I got along with Margaret Thatcher because she kept an open mind. This is her address from our World Economic Conference. Here, she admits that governments think in trends, but perhaps they should think in cycles.

Once you see that everything is connected, it becomes so easy to grasp the fact that a single decision will set off a chain reaction that becomes unstoppable. Because politicians think in a linear manner, they do not comprehend the basic principle from physics which applies to everything. Newton’s third law: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

They cannot shut down the economy in the manner that they have done, for the damage to the entire supply chain is tremendous. You already have brick & mortar stores filing for bankruptcy. This is having a profound economic impact that will not simply rebound. The closure of restaurants has wiped out farmers who sold exclusively in bulk to that market – not to local grocery stores. That capacity to produce food has been destroyed by Bill Gates.

The overall economic damage in the Gates Depression will take two years to work its way through and only then we will begin to see the complete damage this stupidity has caused. We will see food shortages because they have destroyed farmers who sold in bulk to distributors who supplied the restaurants. Retail food stores typically did not deal with farmers directly. That was a different supply chain.

We are cursed with politicians who take absurd actions without any understanding of even how everything functions. COSTCO is already starting to ration meet. Get what you can now – PLEASE!