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Bidenomics FAILED

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Government officials do not understand why Americans are disappointed with Bidenomics. Biden’s own team did not realize the term “Bidenomics” was intended to mock the president’s policies and they have adopted it as their own. “Bidenomics is about growing the economy from the middle out and the bottom up, not the top down,” Joe Biden posted on X, formerly Twitter, in July 2023. Americans’ personal financial situation has only deteriorated under Bidenomics and no one seems to understand why.

A November poll published by the Financial Times found that only 14% of Americans believe they are better off financially under Biden. Those people are likely on welfare. Around 70% of American voters feel Bidenomics hurt the economy or had no impact, with 33% saying they “hurt the economy a lot.” These numbers are staggering, as no president in recent history has managed to derail a stable economy so rapidly.

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When asked why Bidenomics was not landing with Americans, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said she believes COVID is to blame. COVID has provided Biden with the only optimistic data figure in that unemployment naturally decreased once the economy reopened, but of course he is chalking it up to his policies. Sacrificing America’s energy independence for the Build Back Better agenda was Biden’s priority on day one in office. We have seen inflation rise every month of his presidency and experienced record-high inflation in June of last year. INFLATION WAS AT 1.4% WHEN JOE BIDEN TOOK OFFICE IN JANUARY 2021.

Now, I obviously do not blame the government for the issues at the Fed and their QE failures. However, the Fed has been attempting to tame inflation by raising rates and it simply is ineffective. Biden prided himself on implementing countless multi-trillion-dollar spending packages at a time when America is operating at its steepest deficit. Then Biden’s Administration managed to insert itself in numerous overseas conflicts. They also allowed million of illegals to invade America and paid them to do so. Inflation cannot decline amid war.

Biden Republican will bring chaos2022_11_03_20_32_25_Biden_says_Republicans_would_cause_chaos_in_U.S._economy_Reuters

The majority of Americans have a drastically lower standard of living thanks to Bidenomics. Some estimates believe 63% of Americans now live paycheck to paycheck. Real disposable income has decreased 7.5% since January 2021, and credit card debt is up 36.2%. Monthly savings have plummeted 81.4% since Biden took office, and home affordability is down 37.3%.

It is an insult at this point for the current administration to gaslight Americans into thinking our situation is anything but dire.