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Biden’ Spending Spree – The Real Agenda

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Fed Total Govt Expenditure

Many people have written in asking why are all the government spending like there is no tomorrow? The answer is – there is no tomorrow! This Great Rest is all about defaulting on the national debts and so they are all going nuts spending whatever they like knowing that the end game is the default.  There is no longer any pretense of fiscal management. Everything will simply vanish according to the forecasts of Klaus Schwab. This is also why they have been using COVID to enforce lockdowns and terrorize people. Washington State has a bill floating around to imprison the unvaccinated because they know they are the anti-government faction. In Quebec, they are proposing taxing the unvaccinated into poverty.


NEVER in the history of government has there ever been such reckless spending and we have Chuck Schumer desperately trying to overthrow the Filibuster to usher in this dictatorship. Schummer has clearly become a traitor to our Constitution.

This is the real agenda. Do not try to think for one moment this is good for the country or it is just the politics of Republican v Democrat. All Western governments are moving as fast as they can to flood the economy so they can just force the fault and suppression of the people.