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Ask to be Fired if You are Told to Stay Home

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Unemployment Rate

Since governments are overreacting, small business owners can help employees in many states by firing them so they can collect unemployment. Perhaps we need businesses to respond to this insanity that will force all local governments to see the costs of their stupidity.

Yes, it is absolutely true if we all stay home, watch TV, we may not even get the flu no less this coronavirus. This may even be the cure for the common cold. That is NOT the question here. The real bewildering question is who came up with this master plan for they are killing the patient (world economy) to stop a flu-like infection that will never reach anything close to an epidemic.

A joke is coming in that this is a plot between Bernie, Greta, and the vegetarians. Bernie gets everyone so they do not have to work or pay taxes, Greta keeps everyone inside so they do not see that this has been the highest snowfall this year since the ’60s, and the vegetarians are running ads that say meat markets spread disease. The socialists yell, “Shut up and don’t ruin a good thing! For once we don’t have to work and can just watch TV.”