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2022 & Repo Crisis

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QUESTION:  Mr. Armstrong I Hope your health is holding up with all the viruses. My first question is Feb 13 the Fed printing money increased by 13 billion however it is buying short term debt as in 1-day debt how long can they keep this up it is a fake stimulative of the stock market right?

The second question Do you still see something happening to Trump in 2021 ?

Thank you


ANSWER: The year 2022 looks to be more of an issue for the president. I do hope Trump is there for 2021, because I fear a career politician will not understand the Repo and Monetary Crisis. They will do whatever the Deep State instructs them to do. The Repo Crisis is in no way similar to people’s understanding of the crisis. I am not concerned about the amount of money. They are going to be forced to be the market-maker in Repo permanently.