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Trump Wins Michigan, Missouri, and Idaho – Big Time!

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Donald Trump won the Republican caucuses on Saturday in Michigan, Missouri, and Idaho. Overall, Trump won with nearly 98 percent support against Haley. Back in December 2022, Gallup Poll had reported that 45% of Americans believed Trump has “a lot” of responsibility for the January 6th event. But with the passage of time, even the Washington Post reported that More thanone-third of Americans, or 36 percent, do not accept Biden’s victory as legitimate.” Discussions that the January 6th event was important have suggested that the numbers, nobody wants to publish, have dropped to at best 15%. The attempts to kick Trump off the ballot have backfired BIG TIME on the Democrats.

Gallup Poll is Democracy Working

Gallup Poll back in 1984 found that 61% of Americans were satisfied with U.S. democracy. It was nearly as high, at 60%, in 1991. Now, in 2024, it is down to just 28%. This is confirming what I am hearing that all of these criminal actions against Trump are just political. This is reflected in his overwhelming support.

1 ECM 2032 Pi Turning Point 1 Annotated

What I find incredible is the long-range forecasting of Socrates decades in advance that has been simply always true. I have come to the realization that from the economic data, people are driven in a particular direction; for example, back in 1985, besides announcing that the Deflation had ended, it had also been correct that we would enter a new Private Wave and the birth of G5, now G20, with the Plaza Accord. The British pound fell to $1.03 against the dollar when it reached record highs.

1985EconomistAdd Full R

I announced the forecast of the end of deflation on the back cover of the Economist for three weeks during July 1985 at the turning point of 1985.65.  I stated that the 2016 election would be the FIRST time a third-party candidate could win the White House. That became Donald Trump thirty-one years in advance.

Crisis in Democracy 1987

I even warned back in 1987 that we would face a crisis in Democracy. This has now arrived, as only 28% of Americans trust our Democracy is still working. NONE of these forecast are based on my personal opinion. They are based ENTIRELY on the realization that every society crumbles and falls to dust from INTERNAL corruption. It takes a finite amount of time for that corruption to manifest.

Pi 1

Projecting in 1985 that a third-party would win in 2016 was actually the Pi Cycke – 31.4 year cycle into the 51.6-year ECM wave. You see, you have a point in time that political changes will manifest and MUST do so for that then fulfills the end of the cycle forecast by 2032.

Newsweek Madam President Hillary Clinton R

2016 PresElection Copy


Here you can see the computer forecast for the 2016 election Trump should have won 3 out of 4 models and the 4th was a dead heat. Putin did not interfere. That was Hillary refusing to accept the fact that people did not want her. Even the girls in our office at the time in their 20s all voted against her because she wanted to draft girls into the military. After all, women had to be equal from the bra-burning days of the ’60s.

2020 Election Forecast 6 Models

Here is the projection for 2020. Three models showed Trump winning with a maximum of 54%, and three were for Biden to win with a maximum of 51%. The final result was 51.3% for Biden and 46.8% for Trump. The final audits showed that, EXCLUDING the mail-in ballots, Trump won. That has left too much doubt in the minds of the majority now, and Biden is on vacation 40% of the time. Victoria Nuland is in charge and abusing her power to create World War III everywhere – simultaneously.

Brainwash Menticide

Anyone who voted for Biden and has not come to their senses, have none. If they still hate Trump and cheer Biden, they are more than just a fool – they are seriously mentally damaged from all of this brainwashing. They might as well as Victoria Nuland for her autograph as the first woman president since she is the real commander and chief of the military.


2024 Presidential Election by Popular Vote


Now, four out of six models project a Trump victory in 2024 and two show nothing more than 51% victory for the Democrats. Personally, I cannot see how they allow Trump to win, for he will instantly fire Victoria Nuland. This is my OPINION – not a forecast. They have only two alternatives. They need to start WWIII before the election to trap him into war or assassinate him. He can still run for president from Prison as Eugene Debs did.

2028 Presidential forecast

My concern is the psychological warfare tactics that the Democrats and the press are using in demonizing Trump are destroying society. The media cannot suddenly back down and say they were wrong. They are destroying the very fabric that bonds the United States together, and this leads to only one result – the break up of the United States as we head into 2032. Just look at this forecast by the computer. I have NEVER seen such a dramatic differential of 78% to 19%. That shows what they are doing to society.