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Trump will Be Found Guilty in NYC And Bragg Will Try to Imprison Him

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Bragg Alvin Manhattan DA


New York City is out to destroy Donald Trump, and Alvin Bragg’s criminal trial starts today – Monday. We already know the outcome – Trump will receive nothing of a fair trial, and Bragg, with the judges, will find Trump Guilty, and they WILL try to imprison Trump on Riker’s Island and cheer when an inmate kills him. I feel sorry for those who are blinded by their hatred of Trump. This is tearing down the country, and whatever they do to Trump has opened the door for rouge Republican prosecutors to do the same to Democrats. This is the start of the American Civil War, and ironically, the first one began on April 12th, 1861, and here this one will be instigated on April 15th, 2024 – 163 years later or just about 19 waves of 8.6 years.

This week, the nation is entering uncharted territory. On Monday, a former president will be tried in a court of law for the first time in American history. Donald Trump is charged with 34 counts of falsifying business records to prevent news of an alleged extramarital affair from becoming public. This means that from here on out, running for president will become a serious personal risk, for the gloves are off, and there is no rule of law or national dignity that will remain standing.



Bragg, who has called Trump a “rich white guy,” is even introducing racism to this event in addition to Bragg being a zealot Democrat. Of course, racism only works in one direction, like a ONE-WAY street. Nobody will ever address that issue. New York is notorious for corruption in the legal system. Lawyers I know privately will say New York practices law “DIFFERENTLY” than any other place in the country.

Boss Tweed Affasir

NYC’s reputation for corruption is indeed historic. The New York Times (NYT) became a major player in the newspaper business when it exposed the corruption in the Democratic Party led by “Boss” Tweed. All the other established newspapers were on the take and opposed the NYT’s exposing of Tweed. Just like Trump’s lawyer Cohen, who will be Bragg’s star witness, they were all pointing fingers at each other, and Tweed agreed to cooperate in return for getting out of prison. Tweed had the courts rigged and ballots. After he turned everyone else in, the Government refused to honor the deal and left him in prison. That is how badly this affair tarnished the reputation of Democrats in New York City – the cesspool of political corruption. Nothing has changed.

This is all about desperately trying to prevent Trump from becoming president so they can continue the agenda of wiping out farmers for fictional climate change and starting World War III ASAP; so much for the Land of the Free and Justice for All. We are witnessing the total destruction of the United States, for they are DELIBERATELY dividing the country, so it will be impossible for the United States to remain a single nation that is no longer under God – even he would no longer support this corruption.

This will be the first of four criminal trials seeking to interfere in the 2024 election, which in itself is a crime. However, these trials are all sponsored by the Biden Administration, for he is their perfect president – absent 40% of the time, and all the agencies get to do whatever they want. They have torn the Constitution to shreds, and those who hate Trump are such fools, for this has altered the rule of law and politics forever. Why would anyone run for president now, knowing that the establishment can launch unlimited criminal actions against you? Our computer has projected that the United States will no longer exist post-2032. As with all major empires, they have fallen by their own hand – suicide. This is what we are truly withinessing right here and now.

Legal Persecution

Alvin Bragg has brought this case against Trump, claiming Trump was falsifying business records related to a hush money payment to adult actress Stormy Daniels in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election. He has charged Trump with 34 counts in this indictment, meaning he has taken a single act and transformed it into 34 crimes. So can you imagine that someone blackmails you, and you give them money, then Bragg prosecutes you for paying the person who violated the law and blackmailed you to start with? This logic seems to be a girl who is raped is criminally charged for enticing the guy to rape her by wearing a short skirt. Even assuming he paid Daniels to save his marriage, Bragg is arguing – no, it was for the election.

The way these prosecutors have abused the law is, let’s say, there is a scam phone call, and it takes only one call to defraud a person of $10,000. For the next person, it took ten phone calls for the same $10,000. Prosecutors and judges have so abused the law that the first crime is only one Wire Fraud since it took just one phone call facing, say, ten years, and the second fraud with ten phone calls is ten crimes for the same $10,000, and that means he can be sentenced to 100 years in prison.

Even Pew Research noted that in fiscal year 2022, only 290 of 71,954 defendants in federal criminal cases—about 0.4%—went to trial and were acquitted; according to their analysis, 1,379 went to trial and were found guilty (1.9%). The entire legal system is based on CONSPIRACY, the crime of tyrants, whereby all they need to do is prove an “agreement.” They cannot win cases without threatening someone to testify against another. If they refuse to testify against another, this uncooperative “rat” goes to prison for 100 years. This is all because Congress has abused the law, whereby a conspiracy used to last two years, so they changed it to the same time as the offense. That means they no longer need to prove you committed a crime; all they need is someone to say they agreed with you to commit the crime. CONSPIRACY must be eliminated from the legal code to secure our liberty. This is why the United States has more people in prison than any country on the face of the Earth.


Now look at this table. The United States has more people in prison than Russia or China. We have 400% more people in prison than Putin, and we are supposed to be a free country, and Russia is an evil autocracy. China has a population of 1,425,283,533, and 1,690,000 people are in prison. That is a conviction rate of 00.1%. Russia has 433,006 people in prison, a population of 147.2 million, and a conviction rate of .002%. Now, the United States has 1,767,200 people in prison against a population of 341,426,991. That is a conviction rate of .005%. In the claimed land of the free and home of the brave of the United States, you have about a 500% greater probability of going to prison than in any other major country. Either Americans are the most dishonest people on the face of the planet, or we have the most CORRUPT legal system on the face of the planet. The answer is obvious – the Rule of Law in the United States no longer exists. This all because of CONSPIRACY and the most corrupt legal system in the world.

2016 PresElection Copy

Bragg is seeking to imprison Trump with felony counts of falsifying records “to conceal criminal activity, including attempts to violate state and federal election laws.” Our computer correctly forecasted that Trump would win the 2016 election, showing three models projected his win, and the fourth was an even tie. What these charges are all about is total nonsense, as if paying money to this prostitute changed the election.

Trump has denied all wrongdoing, as well as the alleged affair with Daniels. He also maintained that contrary to Bragg’s accusations, his payments were part of a legitimate retainer agreement with his former attorney, Michael Cohen. Cohen pleaded guilty to a campaign finance violation in 2018 and said that he made the payment to Daniels to prevent negative information from surfacing before the election. Of course, he would say that to get less time. That is how the legal system works. They offer one guy less time and tell him what to say.

Kaplan Lewis Judge

A Mafia defendant had subpoenaed his phone calls from the prison MCC in New York. By mistake, MCC gave him the “rat” who would testify against him. The rat was on a phone call with the prosecutor, who asked him to testify against someone else. The rat said he did not know that guy. The prosecutor said no worries, and by the time he finished preparing him, he would know him as his brother. The tapes were presented to his judge, Lewis Kaplan, who rejected them and said that it was a different case even though the prosecutor and the rat were on his case.

This is the same Judge Lewis Kaplan on the Carroll Case Against Trump. He is anything but fair. Over 200 lawyers signed a complaint against him for his abuse of an attorney targeting human rights lawyer Steven Donziger after he helped Indigenous peoples win a historic judgment against Chevron in Ecuador to clean up the pollution caused by decades of oil drilling with no environmental controls. Kaplan always protects banks and big corporations.

This is the same Judge Lewis Kaplan who seized my company and installed a receiver to run it, who ended up doing so from the boardroom of Goldman Sachs. He shut down my company and fired everyone, and it was all at the direction of bankers to shut down our forecasting. The fiction that $1 billion was missing from the bank they claimed they had no idea where the money was, was so outrageous you could not make it up. The bank stole the money. There was no evidence that showed any withdrawal of the $1 billion. So Judge Kaplan seized my company anyway and installed his receiver to search for money they never showed left the bank. When I said the bank stole the money, the response was; “We believe the bank.”

There is absolutely NO way Trump will EVER receive a fair trial in New York City. The place does not respect any law and they ALWAYS rule in their self-interest.

HSBC Gag Cover

They put a gag order on me to stop me from helping my clients sue the bank. Only because my clients were backing me and suing the bank were they forced to finally plead guilty. My clients were all the major corporations in Japan. Had they been small private individuals, the courts would have screwed them all. They did everything possible to protect the banks in NYC. When I asked a NY lawyer why no bankers are ever charged, he replied: “You don’t shit where you eat.”

Republic Pays 606 WSJ

Only because I helped my clients did the bank have to pay back my clients.  They have already been trying to put a receiver over all of Trump’s companies, and they will destroy them. This is so outrageous what takes place in New York City, it should be expelled from the United Stastes for they are violating EVERYONE’s right to vote in 2024.

So much for getting a fair trial in New York City.

Liberty and justice for all

Whatever these Democrats do to Trump

Republicans will Do to Democrats When it is Their Turn

While this is such an outrageous display of the rule of law that has disgraced the entire country, the judge should reduce the charges to misdemeanors since the tax and campaign finance violations are a real legal stretch of the law, which has never been done in history. The judge will most likely FAIL to tell the jury that they can also reject the law application. Jury nullification of law is entirely within their power, but judges never tell them they have that power – We the People. Congress can pass a law that you must kill your firstborn. A Jury does not have to accept that law and has the power to reject it. Nobody tells the jury they have that right.

The entire world will be watching the trial, and if Trump takes the stand, it will perhaps be the most watched trial in history. An acquittal in New York City is HIGHLY unlikely. They would NEVER put him on trial if there were any chance of his victory. That would seal his presidency, so this is a high-stakes game where the entire world will now get to see that the United States’ idea of “liberty and justice for all” is total BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Civil Unrest BW

The computer has been projecting the real risk of civil unrest, and it will be MASSIVE, perhaps far greater than the ’60s. It is understandable when people realize that the Biden Administration is not only imposing the World Economic Forum Agenda and subordinating the United States to the United Nations on health and climate issues but also thrusting the entire world into World War III. We are looking at massive civil unrest following the 2024 election. This usurpation of power will not succeed, and in the process, they are destroying the United States as we have known it.


Civil Unrest 2023