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The ECM & Who to Blame

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ECM Next Fall 910x1024

COMMENT: You are dangerous. The stock market peaked on your model again but nobody’s models work like that so it is just more proof you don’t advertise because you are way too influential. So what are you up to now? You are against the progressive movement and you will undermine what we work for to unseat people like you.


ECM Goldman 2007

REPLY: Well I was in contempt when the 2007 target hit. They called it Armstrong’s Revenge. Granted, it was even the very day that Goldman Sachs sold their notorious portfolio right at the top for which they were charged with fraud. Did they use the model or did the model forecast when they would sell?

ECM 1895 MA 1024x595

Sure, people like you can always blame me, but just perhaps this is a model that exposes the hidden order in the appearance of chaos. You can choose to dismiss it and claim it is all just me and my influence. No matter what they have done to me, the model still worked even when I never said a word.

That’s your loss. Your closed mind prevents you from ever seeing the real world. Keep believing you can suppress the rest of us because you want a life where everything comes free. Sorry, the government is not your parent. I have no problem moving to Asia and let you and your friends tax each other until death.

Economic Confidence Model ECM Athen 455 404BC Martin Armstrong

Don’t worry, when I am dead, the model will keep going. Even Athens fell in 404BC to Sparta right on time. I don’t think I was around then to influence that, or the climates changes, or the rise and fall of just about every empire throughout history.

So blame me if that really makes you feel better. But there is something much more important influencing everything besides me.