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The Coming Events – Iran & Ukraine

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ECM Wave 2020 2028 Pi

The world is completely going insane. Markets have been rising with crude, gold, and the dollar in anticipation of an Iranian attack on Israel. The month of May looks to be very critical for markets on a global scale—no worries about our London Conference. We would not hold it in London if it appeared to be a risk. The risks are confined to Russia/Ukraine and the Middle East.

Putin is very Smart

We have a critical turning point on May 7th, which happens to be Putin’s inauguration day in Russia. The Ukrainians do as they are told, and even the Moscow attack was organized by the West, and they did not even try to hide it. They have been praying that Putin will retaliate and attack anything in NATO so they can launch WWIII. But Putin is very smart and he can see what they are trying to do. They need him to attack so they can claim it was unprovoked, as they did to Japan to get the USA into WWII. I fear that Ukraine will follow orders and attempt a stupid stunt against Putin directly for May 7th.

Zelenskyy Johnson

Many Ukrainians woke up after it was published in their main newspaper that Boris Johnson had jumped on a plane and instructed Zelensky that there would be no peace deal with Russia. He was to commit all Ukrainians to death in hopes of weakening Russia so NATO would be able to invade. Zelensky has sent over 500,000 Ukrainians to die for territory that Russians have occupied for hundreds of years. Crimea is Russia’s ONLY warm water port, and this war has been about trying to conquer that and turn it into a NATO port.


This has no economic benefit to Ukrainians, and they have been used as pawns in the geopolitical game the West instigated under the leadership of Victoria Nuland. Zelensky has canceled all elections because the people would throw him out of office as a traitor taking orders from the West with no regard for Ukrainian lives.

ECM Ukraine 8.6 R

Ukraine is on the verge of collapse. Sending bullets does not help if you do not have people still standing to use them. We are approaching a critical turning point in the Ukraine War against Russia on April 19th/20th. There is no possible way Russia will be defeated. Nobody in the West ever thought Ukraine could win. Russia had 4.5 million in the army without drafting. Putin could have easily taken all of Ukraine but he has stuck to what he said originally – a special operation to only defend the Donbas. The hardliners criticize Putin for he should have taken Ukraine like the US did to Iraq and the war would have been over in 6 weeks. They have only been used to try to weaken Russia for the end goal of conquering Russia and stripping its wealth.

Iran 2

Then, in the Middle East, the markets are responding with the dollar, gold, and oil on the bid as many await the inevitable attack on Israel by Iran. The markets have rallied on reports that Israel is preparing for a direct attack by Iran this weekend. Many are expecting that this will be the biggest escalation of Middle East tensions in decades.

Iranian_Rial M Array 4 12 24

When we look at our models on Iran, it is the Month of May that has been the major target and the Directional Change. It is hard to interpret the fundamentals. Does Iran launch its retaliation in April and the major response to Iran in May, or does Iran wait for May 7th to respond?

Iranian_Rial D Array 3 27 24

What we can see is that the Israeli bombing of the Iranian embassy in Damascus on April 1st set in motion the shift in trend. The Daily Array pinpointed Friday, March 29th, as a turning point with a Double Directional Change. But there were three Directional changes into Monday, April 1st. 

Iranian_Rial W Array 4 12 24



The Weekly Array showed a Directional Change starting the week of April 8th. Look at the next primary target – the ECM week of May 7th. We must understand that May 7th could be more than just one incident.

ECM Islamic State Wave 10

Our models in the Middle East are coming to a major turning point next year, 2025.22 (March 21/22, 2025). Our models on crude oil show a significant directional change in 2025.
Israel is preparing for a direct attack by Iran on southern or northern Israel, and it has been reported they expect it this weekend, according to a source telling The Wall Street Journal. Yet, they did tell the Journal that no final decision has been made, though plans for a strike are under discussion.

The U.S. embassy in Jerusalem Thursday restricted government employees and their families from personal travel outside Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Be’er Sheva “out of an abundance of caution” until further notice. There is no question that Iran will respond. The question is when.