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Special Update this Weekend for Pro Level on Socrates

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ECM 2015 2020 Detailed

As we have reached the turning point for the conclusion of this 8.6-year wave, there is so much going on even politically it is mind-blowing. Everything from Impeachment of Trump which may bring a surprise, European army, constitutional change in Russia, riots in Iran, a new record high in the US share market, the bounce in gold, to so many other aspects, not the least of which may be the end of negative interest rates, the field is so crowded because this is indeed a very important turning point.

ECM 1895 MA 1024x595


Some people just do not believe in cycles and certainly not the business cycle. They are typically those who support government manipulation of society and are just Marxists at heart. We need people like that to trade against. So never waste your time trying to convince them. If they lack the curiosity to explore, they lack the mental capacity to accept the government is not their parent.

1 ECM 2032

We only have two waves left before this becomes a major change in the entire world’s political and economic structure.

This update will be market-oriented for traders so this is for the Pro level.