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Sign of the Times

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Sign of our Times

The picture of our times is without question quite depressing certainly on a moral foundation if not on the material side as well. Our government has been seized by the Neocons who care nothing about the welfare of the state, only to bring death and destruction to their personal hated enemies. Every line that we read brings to mind the sad state of our future and the fact that the nation has fallen cascading into evil times.

First and foremost remains the outright moral deterioration domestically by companies rushing to jump on the WOKE bandwagon polarizing the nation and making discrimination against the gay community far worse than at any point in history. Perhaps the worst of all was Disney – a company that was supposed to care about children has turned into an evil empire that seeks to undermine the relationship that binds a family together.

I grew up with a boy who ended up being gay. We all played together. He did not know he was gay until puberty hit. Disney taking a stand to teach young children even about transgender is bordering on child abuse as a pedophile would talk about sex with a child. Disney’s new Pixar Movie ‘Elemental’ opened with the worse Box Office day in history – $29.6M. Public companies making political decisions violates their fiduciary duty and is polarizing the nation.

People are dumping stocks of those who have been endorsing this WOKE agenda and Disney is perhaps the worst of all for they are advocating indoctrinating children. Disney peaked back in February at around 113 and has fallen to about $87 – a 23% decline thanks to WOKE. Even the Washington Post is losing money and is starting to lay off people – probably anyone who has any independent thought is the first to go. It may be very dangerous to have WOKE stocks in your portfolio.

Add to this domestic upheaval dividing the country deeply, and we have the most corrupt and wretched Ukrainian War, which was begun in the pure spirit of Neocon hatred, greed, and ambition. This Ukrainian war began with foreign mercenaries volunteering only to return remarking how corrupt Ukraine really is to the point that American weapons are vanishing and being sold on the black market.  The lies of Zelensky have persisted shrouded in raw hatred and he refuses to negotiate peace rendering any reasonable solution hopeless. The greed of companies like Blackrock cheering on the deaths of hundreds of thousands and the more destruction the more profit they see in their eyes.

Year after year men and money had been lavished on the war to no effect and when the final catastrophe becomes apparent, World War III, Zelensky and his Ukrainians will be cheering but fail to understand that they will never again have their own country. You do not agree to be a proxy war for the United States and survive. The Neocons will bleed Ukraine dry economically and reduce its population. Zelensky has come out with the standard NEOCON propaganda that if Ukraine loses, Russia will then go take all of Eastern Europe. Russia has only taken the Donbas and could have utterly destroyed Ukraine just as the US did to Iraq. They did not destroy the power grid, the water supply, or the communications which has allowed Zelensky to plead to the world as if he is Joan of Arc in drag with his stiletto high heels. Russia has never had any interest in invading Eastern Europe or Western Europe and they have had more than 30 years to do so.


This is just standard Neocon propaganda and Zelensky spouts out the same nonsense. On top of that, Zelensky is telling Israel that they can stop the Iranian drones by starting an open war against Iran. So what if a few million people die? Zelensky is a psychopath when it comes to other people’s deaths. This Ukrainian government cares nothing for peace. They live and breathe nothing but hatred.


“If any candidate thinks supporting Ukraine is too costly, are they ready to go to war? Are they ready to fight? Send their children? Die?” Zelenskyy said. “They will have to do it anyway if NATO enters this war, and if Ukraine fails and Russia occupies us, they will move on to the Baltics or Poland or some other NATO country. And then the U.S. will have to choose between keeping NATO or entering the war.”

Economy Dying

This Ukrainian War has weakened and destroyed the global economy. You now have IRAN and CHINA both pushing their alternatives to SWIFT. Besides ending world peace and the global economy, it has escalated inflation on a grand scale. The NEOCONS care nothing about the living standard of the people nor the economy going forward. They care even less about American or European livelihoods. Zelensky’s administration is purely evil people no different from the Nazis put on trial at Nuremberg.

Goring Herman on War

The NEOCONS are manipulating society to achieve their personal goals no different than the Nazis. Goring’s remark at the Nuremberg Trial should be a warning to all of us for this is the same strategy being used by the NEOCONS to whip us up into World War III.

New World Order 2032

At home, the bulwarks of social order seemed to crumble away. Private wars, riots, open highway robbery, murder, abduction, and armed resistance to the law, prevailed on a scale that had been unknown since World War II around the world. The satellite evidence has suggested that the Trudeau government in Canada and his WEF climate change zealots have endorsed/created a false flag by setting Quebec on fire all to blame climate change to further get people to surrender their future to the WEF’s indoctrinated fools.

Everywhere we turn, people are creating insurmountable obstacles to world peace and the advancement of society both economically as well as geopolitically. We are headed to the destruction of the world economy as we know it. What we are headed into is an opportunity to remake the world into our vision of freedom – not Schwab’s vision of totalitarianism of Marxism. But in the process, all Western sovereign debt will default and from the ashes, China will replace the USA as the next financial capital of the world. BLACKROCK – kiss your ass goodbye and take your idol Schwab with you!