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Political Chaos of 2022

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QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong
Thank you very much for the information you provide about what is going on according to the worlds economy and the scary development we are witnessing in the world.
A while ago I think i saw that you wrote something like that the globalists will not succeed to put through the “great reset”.
Do you have any new information or thoughts about this case?

Unite Conquer

ANSWER: Bill Gates’ divorce is more than what it seems. There was a real issue where his wife did not approve of his grand agenda. I cannot stress enough that GATES IS A VERY DANGEROUS MAN. He seeks to control the world and force it to conform to his visions with the primary focus on climate and population. He has outright supported the cancel culture. All you have to do is pick up the rug to see where the dirt is hidden. He controls the media. He even provided grants to the BBC, which all my friends in Britain have totally lost all respect for since they began taking money from Gates.

Nevertheless, ironically our greatest hope is Russia and China. They will not yield to Gates and his agenda, which Klaus Schwab is marketing. Even the audits of the polls in Arizona. Just look at the press coverage. They are so against it and in every breathe they proclaim it is a lie. If they were true Americans, then they would welcome a real audit for once and let the chips fall as they may. They are desperately afraid of exposing fraud. Arizona might not be able to unseat Biden, but they could recall the Senator and change the course of the Senate.

CBS reported: “Although every state has certified its results, the Republican-controlled state Senate in Arizona has undertaken a full hand recount and audit of the ballots and voting machines in Maricopa, the state’s largest county, a move that has been frequently praised by the former president. President Biden won the county, a longtime Republican stronghold, by 45,109 votes, and he won the state by 10,457 votes. At the same time, Democrats also picked up a U.S. Senate seat from Arizona.” Simply because the states certified their election results, there has NEVER been a full audit to prove or disprove the election.

NBC News reported the bizarre statement that “the unprecedented election audit contact voters could amount to illegal voter intimidation.” I am not sure how voters are intimidated 6 months after they voted. CNN just called the audit: “The most absurd conspiracy theory yet in the ongoing Arizona recount.”

 Shakespeare Protest too much

You can also claim nobody would ever rig a horse race, so why test horses for drugs at the Kentucky Derby? I find it a sad state of affairs when they are so afraid of an actual audit. One would think that an honest reporter would want to PROVE that Trump was wrong by such an audit. But perhaps they fear the audit, for they too know the game was rigged?

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Indeed, what fools these mortals be to think that they can conquer the world. They will fail, for China and Russia will not support their agenda. They also remain vulnerable to assassination. Schwab is 83, so I do not see him making it to 2030 or even beyond 2024.