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Hope for Humanity

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Hope for Humanity

QUESTION: Is there any hope for the future? Between war, digital currency, authoritarianism, and financial collapse, it doesn’t seem like there is much hope for our children. Please let us know what Socrates says, is everyone doomed? Is there anywhere our children can go to escape this madness?


1 ECM 2032 Pi Turning Point 1 PNG

ANSWER: Yes! I know this can sound depressing, but this grand scheme to alter the world will fail. What lies ahead is not all dark and gloom. The clouds will part and the sun will shine. This is not the END of civilization; it is the next cycle of civilization. It will be up to us to reshape society, for we will see all these Republican forms of government collapse just as the Roman Republic collapsed. Our computer has never been wong in these broad political forecasts.

This current wave began with the Plaza Accord and the formation of the G5 – now G20 in August 1985. Tokyo Crashed on the first wave in 1989.95, SE Asia peaked in 1994.25, then Russia crashed in 1998.55, 2002.85 began the real estate rally that peaked in 2007.15, which was the precise day of the high of the Shiller Real Estate Index. Then 2011.45 marked the high in gold, and 2015.75 was the very day Russia came to the aid of Syria. Trump was sworn in on the precise day of Pi 2017.05, and 2020.05 marked the start of the COVID scheme, the rise in civil unrest globally, and the commodity boom as we head into 2024.35. Putin’s term will be up in 2024, and it is propaganda that he is the madman threat — he is the only one with common sense. Remove Putin and you will find the Russian Neocons who could come to power in 2024, and that would bring direct confrontation with the West into 2028 in the face of a Russia-China alliance.

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It will be up to us to create not a new Bretton Woods, as Schwab wants to hand all power to the United Nations, but to push for a real direct Democracy and end these corrupt Republics. These people in government call themselves Honorable when in fact they use their families for all the corruption as is surfacing from the Laptop from Hell. A Congressman cannot be on the board of a private company, so their spouse or children do that like Hunter Biden. They create their Foundations like the Clintons and John McCain and tell people to pour millions into there, and then they live off of the perks. They also get to keep all money donated to them for elections that they did not spend – tax-free. I have been to political “dinners” where everything is there but as long as we stand, it is not a “dinner” for it is illegal to buy a politician dinner. It is always a dog & pony show.

In the end, no government has EVER survived. This is our turn to become the Founding Fathers for generations to follow.